Community Council

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The Kirknewton Community Council meets every second Tuesday at 6.45pm in the Green Room.  Everyone is welcome to observe. The role of community councils is to express the views of the community to local authorities and other public bodies, and to take action in the interests of its community. 

If you have any items you wished raised at the Community Council, please email with ‘FAO of Community Council’ in the subject heading.

Details about Community Councils in West Lothian can be found here.  The Kirknewton Community Council Boundary map can be found here –  Kirknewton

Announcement of Kirknewton Community Council Annual General Meeting

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic the 2020 AGM scheduled for June 2020 was postponed.  In the current circumstances physical meetings are unlikely to be possible in the next few months, and therefore it has been decided to hold a virtual Zoom AGM prior to our regular monthly meeting on Tuesday 9th February at 18.30 hours.  The Agenda is here

Unfortunately it is not possible to open the meeting to all residents, but it is important that The Community Council gives you the opportunity to put questions to the elected Community Councillors.  You can either email your question to:  or you can complete a Communication Card and deposit it in the box in Festival Stores up to 3 days before the meeting.  In accordance with standing instructions the Chair will select the questions to be put to the meeting.

Recent Minutes

Approved Minutes of recent Community Council meetings are available below.  
(This section is under construction and is subject to change.) 

January 2020
February 2020
March 2020
July 2020      (no April, May or June meetings were held due to Covid restrictions)
August 2020
September 2020
October 2020
November 2020
December 2020

Community Council Election

The count of the ballot papers for the current Community Council took place on Thursday 26th October 2017 at 6.00pm in the Council Chambers. Kirknewton was the only Community Council to have an election in West Lothian and one of two in the whole of Scotland.  The total number of ballot papers returned was 446 which represented a 24.2% turnout. The results of the count were as follows:-

Number of Votes Received:

Martyn Lee Blainey 113 ELECTED (Resigned)
Julia Helen Bracewell 99
Susan Mary Campbell 168 ELECTED
John Cunningham 110 ELECTED
John David Sholto Douglas 77
Derrick Alan Emms 80
Victor Garrad 129 ELECTED
Robert Graham 95
Neill Gwynne 122 ELECTED
Fiona Halliday 140 ELECTED
Graham John Hamilton 92
Patricia Steward Hastings 139 ELECTED (Resigned)
Hugh Hunter Gordon 191 ELECTED
Angel Jones Lynch 163 ELECTED
Francis John Lynch 138 ELECTED
Sian Wynne Markx 119 ELECTED
Iain Adam Masterton 99
Kirsty McKeown 157 ELECTED
Stewart James McKenna 124 ELECTED
Beverley Morris 52
Mary Anne Hamilton Pinkerton 155 ELECTED
Michael William Rae 101
John Sives 121 ELECTED
John Thomas 150 ELECTED
Jennifer Susan Clare Thomson 75
Ian Watt 171 ELECTED
Tammy Wood 140 ELECTED