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The Kirknewton Community Council meets every second Tuesday at 6.45pm in the Green Room.  Everyone is welcome to observe. The role of community councils is to express the views of the community to local authorities and other public bodies, and to take action in the interests of its community. 

If you have any items you wished raised at the Community Council, please email with ‘FAO of Community Council’ in the subject heading.

Details about Community Councils in West Lothian can be found here.  The Kirknewton Community Council Boundary map can be found here –  Kirknewton

Kirknewton Community Council Annual General Meeting

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic the 2020 AGM scheduled for June 2020 was postponed, and rescheduled as a virtual Zoom meeting, held on on 9th February.  The meeting was deemed quorate, and addressed the points itemised in the Agenda as published.  Although for technical reasons it was not possible to open the meeting to all residents live online, the Community Council had provided the opportunity to put questions to the elected Community Councillors via Communication Cards and email, and sought to include a representative opinion from the wider Kirknewton GoogleGroups community.

In advance of the minutes being published, please note that all current office bearers expressed a willingness to continue in office pro-tem until Community Council elections are conducted later this year and a new Council appointed.  Notwithstanding, opportunity was given to all participants at the AGM to contest, and/or request a vote on these re-appointments.  There were no requests for either, so the points of contact with the Community Council remain the same.

Minutes of the meeting will be posted when approved.

Chairperson’s Report

Recent Minutes

Approved Minutes of recent Community Council meetings are available below.  
(This section is under construction and is subject to change.) 

January 2020
February 2020
March 2020
July 2020      (no April, May or June meetings were held due to Covid restrictions)
August 2020
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October 2020
November 2020
December 2020
January 2021
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May 2021

Community Council Elections

It is now 4 years since the current Community Council was elected and an election for the next 4 years is due to be held in October.  Currently, Kirknewton is one of only two Community Councils in Scotland that had enough people willing to stand for election.  During the coming months further information and meetings will be held (subject to Covid rules) to explain the working of a Community Council and I hope that many residents will participate in and be willing to stand for election.  There is further information here on how you can engage in this vital aspect of local government.

John Sives – Chair Kirknewton Community Council.