Covid, Kirknewton Development Plans, Funding and KCDT Staff Changes

The Scottish Government has given some guidance on what to expect before 26th April.

More details below.

The Kirknewton Community Development Trust has received additional funding to support a business directory and to maintain the Larder / Community fridge up to April. They continue to look for funding to support activity during this challenging time and for projects being identified in the forthcoming Kirknewton Development Plan.

The first draft of the plan, based on comments in the Community Participation Exercise (you can read them here), was reviewed at a facilitated meeting between members of the Community Council and the KCDT Board with consultant Vikki Hilton on 23rd February. That first draft will be shared with the community and stakeholder groups for comment and then a second draft will be shared, once reviewed, at a later date. It is hoped the final plan will be published in September 2021, with a call for volunteers to support the proposed activities in the plan throughout the process.

The third Kirknewton Development Plan can provide the evidence for funding applications and, alongside a strong membership of the Trust, can help unlock funding to make things happen. We have recently welcomed over 50 new members to KCDT and we welcome more – join here

The Kirknewton community volunteers on the Board of KCDT and the Community Council value all the help volunteer led groups and individual volunteers will bring to help make the Development Plan outcomes a reality. This volunteer activity will be supported, when possible, by KCDT staff Christine Reid, Debbie Douglas and Stephanie Paterson. As funding becomes more difficult to achieve and we find ourselves with a smaller number of staff (Tony Foster leaves the Trust at the end of February to take up a new role elsewhere) both the Board of KCDT will also be looking for new Board members and the Community Council will be looking for new people to consider standing for election before the end of 2021 too.

With community spirit being valued so highly in Kirknewton we hope we can tap into that spirit to maintain the work achieved supporting people in the last year and supporting community groups, businesses and individuals getting back to running clubs and events again, hopefully before the end of 2021!

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