New Basket Swing To Be Installed In Kirknewton Park

With a tight deadline for this years Town Centre Funding the Community Council and Kirknewton Community Development Trust utilised community feedback and raw data from the recently conducted Community Participation Exercise to make our funding application.

Working with West Lothian Council, who will arrange the installation, is the return of a new basket swing. The wood on the former basket swing was deemed too dangerous during routine checks and removed. It would have been unlikely to see it replaced until the park play equipment is reviewed in 2027. However in response to community feedback it was seen as a priority to install a suitable replacement. We hope the new Basket Swing will be installed before the summer (obviously depending on current circumstances)

In response to community feedback the rotting wood around the play equipment has been removed and new wood chip installed.

Once we see the back of the snow and ice we hope many of you will enjoy the area developed around the Pavilion. (although it has been enjoyed for sledging and outdoor exercise already!) There is plenty of seating and planted areas to enjoy. There will also be space to store bikes and information on local walks and cycle routes. Kirknewton Community Development Trust and KCC are in discussions with West Lothian Council to take over the lease of the Pavilion from April 2021 for an initial two years, following the same arrangements as the Village Hall. West Lothian Council had hoped Xcite would manage the facility for the first two years but unfortunately this was not possible and not likely for the foreseeable future so community members have stepped in.

Working alongside the Kirknewton Community Council it is hoped the Pavilion will be used to it’s full capacity. KCDT has acquired funding to develop a transport hub, an adult Kirknewton football team has come forward with a hope to launch in April 2021 which will be supported from our current lottery funding for next season and the space inside the Pavilion is adaptable for many things to compliment activities in the Green Room, Village Hall, Church Hall and businesses like Potter Around.

It’s great to see the pathway all around the park (thanks to Becky Plunkett and the team at WLC). The community woodland has had a bit of a tidy up too. It is hoped we can spruce that up as an outdoor space and maybe refresh the hut in the park which was last repainted working with young people about ten years ago.

The Community Participation Exercise Report is nearly ready to be published and as we put together your next Development Plan it’s hoped some of the suggestions for the park will be taken forward, from another outdoor space for Youth Club Age children to a skate/bike facility. Whatever the community will decide KCDT will endeavour to get funding for. As always a strong membership helps all funding applications for projects you’d like to see happen themselves so please become a member here – it’s free and you just have to live in Kirknewton to be a member.

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