John Mundell becomes Director of Kirknewton Community Development Trust

John Mundell, who has lived in Kirknewton for some considerable years, has become a new Board Director of Kirknewton Community Development Trust (KCDT) at the Annual General Meeting of Members which took place on Zoom on 3rd December. He joins Stewart McKenna, Martin Hall, Caroline Hamilton, Vic Garrad and Hugh Hunter Gordon as Directors.

To become a Kirknewton community member of the KCDT please join here – it’s free to everyone over the age of 16 in Kirknewton.

John Mundell was Chief Executive of Inverclyde Council for over ten years and is currently acting Chief Executive of Orkney Islands Council. It is hoped that John will bring his considerable experience of working with Local Authorities to help the Trust work strategically with our stakeholders.

Following the recent Community Engagement Exercise the Board hope to recruit more Directors from the membership of the Trust once the new Kirknewton Development Plan is complete, hopefully around Easter time. The initial report from the Community Engagement Exercise is due at the end of the year, which will inform the Development Plan.

There was one question to the Accounts, asking if we are likely to see less funds coming in next financial year due to less Covid funds being made available. Finance Director Caroline Hamilton explained this was likely but we’d hope to attract more funding for projects identified in the community engagement exercise that would identify need for any potential funders.

Over the last few years the Trust has relied on several different funds rather than one fund. Behind the scenes the Board has invested in both the core cost of staff and software to improve tracking of these funds and support groups such as the Gala, Village Hall and Covid-19 activity. This has made preparation of the Accounts for our auditors a lot easier. Caroline made a commitment to KCDT members that it is her intention to present the accounts in a more ‘user friendly’ way at the next AGM, presenting what each fund is and how the funds have been allocated.

The AGM covered reports from Committees of the Board including the Kirknewton Gala, Village Hall/Green Room Committee, Lang Whang Wombles and work with Senior Citizens. It has obviously been a challenging time for volunteer led groups but activity has continued. The Trust and Kirknewton Community Council have been working closely together, particularly as part of a resilience group during Covid-19. The Chair of KCDT expressed his thanks to all volunteers in Kirknewton, particularly those who helped during Covid but also those who run activities and helped with projects. He hoped when restrictions lift that another celebration of volunteers could be held to thank everyone in person.

The AGM passed a big vote of thanks to Ian Watt, shop staff and staff of the KCDT, particularly Stephanie Paterson and Debbie Douglas, for the work that they have done during Covid-19 and the inspirational work of Paul Holborn and the Lang Whang Wombles group.

Thanks also to everyone in the community who participated in the recent Community Engagement Exercise and had your say on your community. We have had a record breaking number of people participating and nearly 4000 comments. The report, due soon, will inform short term improvements and the Development Plan for the next five years. To be fully informed of that process we do urge you to become a members of the Kirknewton Community Development Trust. Join here

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