Why do people love living in Kirknewton? Find out here…

The recent Community Participation Exercise was the biggest Kirknewton Community Development Trust has undertaken. Despite the challenges of Covid-19 more people participated than ever before – up 10% on the work conducted five years ago. Vikki Hilton, the independent consultant who undertook the work, received 3000 comments – almost double the comments received in the last community consultation. Most of the work was done in street, knocking on doors from homes that were underpresented, online and in school. Thank you to everyone who took the time to participate an get your voice heard.

As you can imagine this is taking a little more time to collate than expected but the published results and report will inform the production of Community Development Plan (which you also get to see and give a view if you wish). This piece of work will provide the cornerstone of the work of the Kirknewton Community Development Trust over the next five years, how KCDT can improve what we do, where we will focus our resources and provide evidence of the communities needs for funding applications.

Funding applications are also strengthened by your membership of the Kirknewton Community Development Trust (for example our recent applications to support our community during Covid-19 with projects such as the Community Fridge/Larder) . Anyone who lives in Kirknewton can be a member. It costs nothing to join but you will be sent regular news to your email, invitations to events and the Annual General Meeting and get to participate fully in creation of the Community Development Plan if you wish. If you are new to the community or lived here all your life please do join – you really do get out of the organisation what you put in. Please, please, please join here by following this link here – if that’s all you do it really does help.

We also share the work with other groups and will consult with them on production of the Development Plan. On the whole things are positive but there is always room to learn and make improvements for all community groups. However we believe no other place in Scotland has this much information from it’s community to inform its plans. We are only one of two communities in Scotland who had an election for our Community Council and Kirknewton Community Development Trust work closely with them to influence your local authority on matters that are important to you – from planning to transport.

We are pleased to say we have already got plans and funding in place to make some of the improvements you’ve asked for in the consultation. However we always need new positive voices, new volunteers or people who have skills to offer projects. Please do fill out the 2020 Skills and Volunteers Survey if you feel you can offer even a small amount of time to current and future projects. This may not always be for KCDT – we will direct you to other groups such as the Gala, Village Hall Committee, Allotments, Litter Pickers, Baby and Toddlers, School groups or others working on specific projects who all need your help. You can tell us your interests, skills and details here Of course many things are ‘on hold’ at the moment but Kirknewton will be back bigger and better in the future with your help!

So why do people like living in Kirknewton?

A staggering 476 of you said ‘Community Spirit and Sense of Community’ with ‘location’ coming a very close second. To put that into context 200 of you said community spirit last time we did this piece of work.

At a challenging time for many here are just some of your positive comments to cheer up our community, the people who live here, work here on our behalf and volunteer here to make it a better place for everyone. A big thank you to you all!

Close community. Safe area. Very family friendly.

Community feel and how everyone wants to improve this.

Community spirit and kindness.

Everyone very friendly and neighbourly. Nice and peaceful.

Family friendly area, dog friendly, good community spirit, very few antisocial behaviours, a feeling of safety, can rely on neighbours, good amenities for school, playpark and commuting to Edinburgh and Glasgow.

Good community spirit which has got better over the years. Working here let’s you see how close the community is and how it (in general) comes together to help.

Good for meeting friends from Kirknewton with park to go to.

I find Kirknewton a nice friendly village I moved here from Edinburgh when I had my child as I thought it would be a nice place to bring up a child.

How the community has come together to support people when they need it mainly the community
fridge that has been set up to support those who need it the most.

I love that it’s such a friendly wee village. I love all the community activities that are put on.

I’ve brought my three kids up here with no issues at all.

It is a great community with lots to offer from the fantastic local shop to the Green room and
community spirit.

I’ve moved away twice and came back twice don’t know what it is but Kirknewton draws you back.
Suppose it’s the closeness of the community all pulling together.

Kirknewton has a great community spirit which has been even more evident during lockdown. There is a good variety of groups for all ages and interests.

Most people passing in the street nod or say Good morning.

Sense of community – especially with neighbours. It’s quiet 🙂 The way the community appears to look out for the wellbeing of our elderly.

That there is a reasonable good mix of people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds, makes it an
interesting place for people to feel at home.

The community spirit, the ability and opportunity to do things for the community. We did the flowers for older people on VE day this summer.

The people.

There is a good feeling of community in Kirknewton, neighbours helping neighbours. There is a real sense of community and engagement in helping improve. The Facebook activity and groups such as the litter pickers are fantastic examples of people trying to do good for the general population. The Green Room is amazing – even though I’ve never been in – such a great facility to have though. That’s just a few examples.

We recently took on an allotment and enjoy the extra connection to the community that gives us.

We have a brilliant shop, a pub, a pharmacy, a post office, a chippie, an allotment, super fast broadband and a train station. And a Charles Jencks sculpture! There’s no other West Lothian village like it. All the changes have been positive. Well done!

Please don’t forget your membership of the Kirknewton Community Development Trust helps – join here

If you are interested in offering your skills or volunteering fill out your details here

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