Wholefoods Survey – the Results and Community Larder/Fridge new opening hours


Here are the results of the recent wholefoods survey.  Thanks to Adam for putting this together and the Wholefoods Unit which is now in the shop (and Ian at Festival Stores, of course, for accommodating this). Stock will be added soon.

There were 198 respondents from an adult population of 1900, so a good representative sample of the community with the survey shared on this website, facebook, twitter and KCDT email.

74% of community visit Festival Stores more than once a week or daily.

51% of respondents who answered the questions (just over half) have purchased fresh bread (which you can order by Monday for every Friday)

22% have purchased Veg Bags (which you can order from the Cyrenians for collection every Monday from Festival Stores and also make up the soup bags for the Larder/Community Fridge)

78% have purchased Cyrenians Eggs

Since promoting Good Food Kirknewton sales have doubled in the shop and the Cyrenians now deliver all their eggs to Festival Stores.

The most popular item for the Wholefood Unit from a supplied list was dried lentils at 56%

52% of respondents said purchasing Scottish Food was extremely or very important with only 8% saying it is not so or not at all important.

21% of respondents said their food being organic being extremely or very important.

This is part of a number of food initiatives encouraging healthy eating, cutting car miles for supplies and KCDT working in association with the Cyrenians Farm and Festival Stores to support shopping local.

KCDT are also running the Community Larder/Fridge to support those who need it with the challenges Covid-19 has and is bringing to members of the community. Thanks to your feedback and ensure as many people as possible get access. We are now open Mondays 5 – 7pm and Thursday 9am to 1pm. Thanks to KCDT staff for supporting this activity and Festival Stores for stock.

Remember as well as external funding and support from our current funders to adapt to the Covid-19 pandemic your participation in the Community Lottery helps support some of this activity. Buy your tickets by 7pm every Monday. A big thank you too from Kirknewton to Colin Grieve and Bob Potter from Kirknewton and Ratho Lodge. They kindly came along last night to present us with a cheque for £250 towards running the community fridge and larder .The Lodge has been doing amazing work throughout the last few months and we are very grateful for their kind donation. You can find out more here http://www. lkratho85.co.uk Thank you again Kirknewton and Ratho Lodge.

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