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Kirknewton is preparing for the impact of Covid-19 beyond lockdown.  We have been supporting each other over the last six months and the work that has, amongst other things, led to early intervention before a problem or issue gets out of hand.  To everyone who has helped in some way we thank you.We are now aware that many people are facing extra costs staying at home, may have lost their job, and are finding it difficult to find another,  are facing redundancy once furlough ends or are finding life difficult financially and in some cases mentally too.  If this is happening to you know that you are not alone. 

Kirknewton Community Development Trust, other community groups such as the Community Council and a team of volunteers will work together and endeavour to support each other during this time.KCDT plan to share support and help for people, advertise jobs and support local business where we can.  On many of our projects we have engaged local businesses to support them through Covid-19 and believe this could be extended with local business to business working together.

The Larder and Community Fridge usage is increasing and we hope to maintain it until at least January 2021.  It’s being used by people who need to supplement their weekly shop, who are struggling as they need extra supplies for school age kids and adults working from home and people who need a little extra help (including many who have never needed it before). Please use it if you need to. Hours will change, with an early evening opening on Mondays and an earlier Thursday morning opening.

We are also enhancing local and healthy food with fresh bread, eggs, veg bags, wholefoods, soup recipe bags and many other items through Festival Stores.   You may have seen the new wholefoods unit in Kirknewton Festival Stores which will be stocked soon.

With the current situation in mind we are moving our Kirknewton Community Skills and Volunteer Audit forward (it usually follows the first draft of the current community participation exercise) to see what skills we have in the village and bring people together to help each other or open up opportunities to help you enhance your CV while looking for employment or perhaps having to consider a career change.  Volunteering and exploring new ideas can help rather than staying at home.  You can share your skills and help inspire people young and old to take up a new hobby or explore a new goal.  You can fill in the survey before the end of August here

We are also refreshing our online Kirknewton Business Directory and ask all businesses to submit their information here .  We will promote your business to the community via social media, give opportunities to give discounts via the Community Card, provide low cost advertising in the newsletter, encourage and facilitate business to business working, direct you to potential funding and support streams (we have done this in the past) and hope we can help maintain your business and hopefully in the future you will be able to provide employment and opportunities for people who need it.  The Kirknewton Business survey can be found here – this applies to you if you live in Kirknewton and East Calder/Calderwood and own a business here or elsewhere.  Kirknewton based business and people will always be given priority if there is duplication.

If you simply need to talk to someone we are here.  If you have an idea you’d like to take forward we are here to guide you.  It’s good to talk, fact to face, and we will help support you in any way we can.  We need your help too as we can’t achieve this level of support alone.

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