Kirknewton – have your say!

Every five years Kirknewton do a major community participation exercise to help inform the Kirknewton Community Development Plan – it’s that time again!
You can do it online at

We do this so everyone has a say – not just the loudest voices! It also means we capture people who are new to the community or have lived in the area all their lives. An independent consultant, Vikki Hilton, is conducting the exercise. 

You can have your say about what you like about Kirknewton, what’s not so good and what would make it better.  We use this information to focus the resources of the Kirknewton Community Development Trust (KCDT), share with partners such as the Community Council, local groups, local business, Community Council, Scottish and National Government and use the findings to evidence community need to the local authority and funders when making successful funding applications. Most funders will not support any community project unless there is evidence of some community need, and we use the Development Plan to inform those applications.

In previous years 25% of the community have made their views known and the work has been regarded as best practice by Big Lottery Scotland and West Lothian Council with many communities following our lead (it is used as a positive case study in the West Lothian Council Engaging Communities toolkit here). 

The consultation is only as good as those who join in and we’d appreciate and encourage you and all members of your family who live in Kirknewton (young and old) to participate here

This is a very unusual year with Covid-19 and although we intend to do telephone calls, drop ins, speak to community groups, do on street and door to door interviews this will be difficult at this time.  So please if you have time do answer the questions at the link and have your say.  Also make sure your neighbours join in too!

Your comments will inform the Kirknewton Development Plan 2021-2026 and focus our work and resources. It will be a great help to inspire ideas, lead to more discussion or evidence need for funding on projects to potential funders.

Some things we can action without the need for funding, as they are the responsibility of other bodies. Sometimes we can influence decision making, sometimes we can’t, but we do try. (For example we tried to get speed calming measures in the village for several years from the Council but were unsuccessful. Even when the KCDT and Kirknewton Community Council offered to pay for signs West Lothian Transport Department said they would not support this offer.)

The plan and activities are monitored by the Board of KCDT and reported at the monthly Community Council meetings. You can get updates every year at the KCDT Annual General Meeting and we also report to regulatory bodies and funders. 

The report of findings is provided first to the Kirknewton community, then the Development Plan is built from that.  Once published there will be a call out for help via a community skills audit (we are aware many of you prefer to help as volunteers on some of the actions, rather than be on a committee)

We will keep you up to date on the plan via the KCDT members email list (anyone based in the community can be a member of KCDT and it’s easy to join here ) . Other ways we provide information is sharing to volunteers who work with us, online here at , via the Kirknewton Community newsletter and sharing details on social media.  All being well the work on the Development Plan should be completed early 2021.

Thanks again for your participation.


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  1. There are no dropped kerbs so I think it should be a priority in this village. You cannot go to the shop in a buggy.

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