The final clap, continued support, Good Food Kirknewton and lockdown eases


Last night saw the final clap for NHS and key workers during the Covid-19. An opportunity now to reflect on the amazing work that will still need to be done saving lives, to those keeping the wheels turning as we enter the next phase and remembering those who have lost their lives during this terrible virus.

Graham Brown and other pipers across Kirknewton have been keeping us entertained every Thursday as Kirknewton made some noise in appreciation of all the work that has been done. James Hughes has also been singing his heart out and raising funds for PPE for the Peacock Home in Livingston. You can still donate to his crowdfunder at

Kirknewton Community Development Trust, the Community Council, the Church and the Primary School alongside key shops at Festival Stores and the Pharmacy will continue support over the next six months and possibly into 2021. Thanks to everyone who has entertained us with colourful stones and art, wall projections, music, lockdown pictures, VE celebrations and more during the last twelve weeks and the staff and volunteers who have made the last twelve weeks a little easier for everyone.


Lockdown restrictions are now being eased. It is not anticipated the Village Hall will re-open. The Green Room is open for the Community Friday Tuesday and Thursdays (see below).

You can now meet another household in their garden or park (up to 8 people)

Recycling Centres are opening across West Lothian from Monday (time to clean out the garage!)

You can enjoy the sun in the park and travel for your exercise (with a strong recommendation from Scottish Government not to travel more than five miles)

Outdoor work can start again, which means our Community Gardener can work on areas such as Jencks artwork (which needs some TLC after being visited by many of you), the Meadowbank Project (delayed by 15 weeks due to inclement weather and then Covid-19), Community Woodland and Pavilion Park Project. Greg can also quote to help you in your garden or communal outside area – email

Garden Centres can re-open and site preparation for construction can continue.

Non contact outdoor pursuits can start again including tennis, golf, fishing and bowls.

Teachers will be going back to school to prepare for re-opening 11th August (although we don’t know what that will look like). Free meals for P1-3 and those entitled to free meals in P4-6 can still be collected from Kirknewton Primary School every week day from 12.

There is NO change to those shielding and Festival Stores, Volunteer Co-ordinator Maria Bathgate and our team of volunteers will continue to deliver food to those who need it.

More details on the national picture can be found here

More details on what the new rules mean can be found here – and don’t forget the Government has now announced loss of taste and smell is a potential symptom of the virus.


Fresh eggs are delivered into Kirknewton Festival Stores on Thursdays. Order in store.

Fresh bread is delivered into Kirknewton Festival Stores on Fridays – please order before Monday.

Fresh veg bags are delivered into Kirknewton Festival Stores on Monday by arrangement.

Details of bread and veg bags ordering can be found here

KCDT, The Cyrenians and Festival Stores are working on a project to being Wholefoods to the store. More news in about six weeks time (we hope!)

We are still running the Kirknewton Community Lottery with funds supporting community projects and those in need.

The Community Fridge is open in the Green Room.

Every Tuesday and Thursday from 10am-1pm we will have a community fridge in the Green Room.

If you need a top up shop or can’t get what you need at the supermarket or you can’t afford your weekly shop this week or if you simply just need some bits to get you by. Whatever the reason we are here to help so pop in grab a bag for life and fill up on what you need. Fresh fruit and veg, bread, milk, juice for the kids, pastas, cereals , cold meat and loads more. If you find there is something we don’t have that you could need/want then please let us know and we can try and get it for you. No cost , totally contactless and safe, hand sanitize on your way in and out.

Stephanie and Debbie will be around to ask any questions if you have any. (At a safe distance of course 😝)

PS- If you are out on your family walk whilst your at the Green Room then we ask that if at all possible then can only one person enter the Green Room and the rest of the family wait outside. There will be signs up to say this but it’s just so we are adhering to social distancing. If this is not possible and you are still in need of food then please contact Stephanie direct ( and she can arrange something with you: Thanks.

On top of this you can now also get free tampons at the Green Room and if you need a weeks shop from Festival Stores or fuel card top up contact and we can arrange that for you to. Whatever works for you but all in complete confidence. We appreciate, even when lockdown is lifted, times might be tough for some considerable time to come and the funding we have in place is to help us all get through these difficult times.

Finally thanks for all the kind words about ‘A Stone’s Progress’ at the East End of the Village. Covid-19 delayed remedial work that needed to be done and any official opening celebration will be delayed. Designed by Charles Jencks, the architect and landscape artist instrumental in much of the work at Jupiter Artland, you can read more about the work here

For those who haven’t seen it here’s a video walk through – why not visit this weekend? The weather is looking great for the first easing of lockdown week-end. Enjoy!

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