Community fridge and food supplies in Green Room every Tuesday and Thursday

As of tomorrow (21st May), and every Tuesday and Thursday from 10am-1pm we will have a community fridge in the Green Room. Wether you need a top up shop or can’t get what you need at the supermarket or you you can’t afford your weekly shop this week or wether you simply just need some bits to get you by. Whatever the reason we are here to help so pop in grab a bag for life and fill up on what you need. Fresh fruit and veg, bread, milk, juice for the kids, pastas, cereals , cold meat and loads more. This week we also have a soup bag so you can make potato and leek soup .if you find there is something we don’t have that you could need/want then please let us know and we can try and get it for you. No cost , totally contactless and safe, hand sanitize on your way in and out.

Stephanie and Debbie will be around to ask any questions if you have any. (At a safe distance of course 😝)

Ps- If you are out on your family walk whilst your at the Green Room then we ask that if at all possible then can only one person enter the Green Room and the rest of the family wait outside. There will be signs up to say this but it’s just so we are adhering to social distancing. If this is not possible and you are still in need of food then please contact Stephanie direct ( and she can arrange something with you: Thanks.

On top of this if you need a weeks shop from Festival Stores or fuel card top up contact and we can arrange that for you to. Whatever works for you but all in complete confidence. We appreciate, even when lockdown is lifted, times might be tough for some considerable time to come and the funding we have in place is to help us all get through these difficult times.

Don’t forget all P1-P3 pupils can get a free lunch at the Primary School (this may also continue through the story) as well as those entitled to free meals in P4-6.

We will continue to drop boxes off from the shop for those who are having to self isolate.

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