Kirknewton pipes up for NHS

Image shared by Stephanie Paterson on facebook

Apologies for no update over the last two days – we thought we’d bombarded you with enough information for thirty days and we all needed a wee break!

Well done to everyone out supporting the NHS and care workers last night – we swear you are getting louder! It was followed by a wonderful red sky over Kirknewton.

Another great thing we saw this week was these flowers outside stores from Isla Hall Flowers, encouraging you all to shop local.

At the beginning of the week you may have also seen this vote of thanks around Kirknewton too. What a great community we live in.

Thanks to for the great comments about ‘A Stone’s Progress’ at the East End of the Village. It seems to have become a popular destination for many people who have been out walking in the wonderful weather this week. There’s a new section on the website if you’d like to know more, including an 8 minute walk through video if you are self isolating and unable to visit – check it out here

Finally thanks to everyone who donated to Kirkie Goals – we raised over £1000 to get portable goals for kids to use in the park once lockdown is over. Well done everyone.

We hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Please remember kids can get a free comic at Festival Stores as part of the Kirknewton History Project – more details here – and we’d like you to share your stories about living in Kirknewton there too.

Also don’t forget if you need help with food and heat/light (and use a key or card for power) we can help – email and we will arrange it for you alongside Festival Stores.

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