Kirknewton catch up, free school meals, garden services and food waste options

We love a surprise – and this was a pleasant one this morning! Stay Safe everyone.

Today we caught up with the team who are delivering food, making telephone calls, ensuring safety of others and Team Kirknewton surviving (just!). It was nice to also catch up with the HeadTeacher of the Primary School and hear the support being given to school pupils as part of their continued learning – and a wee reminder that all P1-3 can get school meals daily at the school as well as those entitled to free school meals. The school are in touch with many of you direct but from time to time we will add info here too.

The weather is being kind for us all to enjoy our gardens but KCDT provides a garden service with profits going back to the community. We are here if the garden is a struggle for you, if you are a key worker who doesn’t have the time and if it’s safe for us to work in your garden during this time. Greg can also give advice on how to compost your garden and food waste (and if you have lots of food waste at the moment the shop has a new supply of food waste bags – profits of which also support the shop and community projects). Contact Greg for a quote if he doesn’t already do work for you at

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