Heat and light added to food support for Kirknewton residents – on #volunteerappreciationday

Kirknewton Community Development Trust working alongside the Community Council and Church has acquired more Scottish Government funds to support people at this time and extended food packs to supporting you if having difficulty paying for your heat and light. If you use a key or card for electricity or gas we can top them up for you at Festival Stores. If you need a food parcel for the week we can arrange that too. We know some people will find it tough coming towards the end of the month and perhaps have lost their job or won’t be getting as much as expected and we are here to help. E mail tonykirknewton@gmail.com in complete confidence if you need support.


Currently we are at 85% of our target for goals and equipment for outside play in Kirknewton Park once lockdown ends. It would be great to exceed and smash the goal which ends today, 20th April. Donate whatever you can at https://www.avivacommunityfund.co.uk/kirkie-goes-for-goals?fbclid=IwAR3D2iDKXBgx7ZCsLOPJLAhGXCbVXkGrMyhduYRhANsGVeiCywoybdRrX8c


We have pledged £1500 of the Kirknewton Community Lottery to help support people who need it alongside funds we are applying for to support individuals and families directly during the coming months. While lockdown is on and groups not active during social distancing we will continue to put funds into the pot to support those who need a little extra help. The next draw is at 7pm tonight. Thanks to your support we are able to also deliver packs to people social distancing or in isolation with the help of volunteers – so a big thank you to everyone helping out in any way you can. It is much appreciated.

It is #VolunteerAppreciationDay so for everyone helping out, be you a carer, volunteer in your own street, helping a neighbour or working alongside the shop, Trust, Church, Community Council or any of our fabulous groups throughout the year making Kirknewton a wee bit better to live and work a BIG thank you!

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