Kirknewton in lockdown for another three weeks, Social Security Update and Kidzeco offer

You made some noise last night for NHS, care workers and Pharmacy workers – well done.

Looks like we will be in lockdown for another three weeks – that takes us to 7th May . Keep checking this website Monday to Friday for local updates.

Local numbers you will need

How to get involved with the Kirknewton history project, where toi pick up the kids free comic and for adults tell us your Kirknewton life stories survey link.

Need help with food? Get a £30 pack of food from the local Kirknewton Shop. Here’s how


I just wanted to flag up that due to COVID-19 Social Security Scotland has extended the time for claiming for some of our current benefits. You can access further information via the following link: Social Security Scotland are working to update online forms to reflect the change. If a client gets an online warning saying their application is past the legibility date, they should continue and submit the application to ensure it is processed. 

Given the potential for significant increases in the number of people claiming underlying DWP or Housing benefits at this time this may also increase the number of people eligible to our payments. Please cascade and share as appropriate

Access to our Services – Social Security Scotland are continuing to process applications and make payments. Clients will be written to once a decision has been made and payments, for those eligible, will follow shortly after. Individuals can continue to access information on Social Security Scotland services and apply online, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on General enquiries can now be made via Social Security Scotland’s Facebook and Twitter accounts. Social Security Scotland are currently unable to answer incoming calls from clients to the Freephone helpline. However, for clients who are only able to access support by phone, they can leave a voicemail between 8am and 6pm Monday to Friday and will be called back within 48 hours. Call backs will take place between 8am and 6pm and clients will try to be contacted up to three times.

Social Security Scotland are now able to accept evidence uploaded online. Once someone has submitted an application online, they will get a message guiding them to the new portal to upload evidence. To read the full article please click on the following link;

Most of our staff are currently working from home therefore further updates regarding Local Delivery will be reviewed as more information becomes available to us.


Can I please ask that you pass on that we are still able to accept referrals for our KidzStart project.  Also, if there are any families struggling for any baby essentials please refer them on and we will do our best to provide items free for them.  We don’t have a large supply of prams and cots but do have moses baskets, baths, bottles, warmers, nappies etc. etc. and I am happy to deliver these to the families (in West Lothian).

Thanks for your support

Best regards

Tracy Murdoch
Founding Director

20-24 George Street, Bathgate, EH48 1PW  t: 01506 815534 
103 The Centre, Almondvale Avenue, Livingston, EH54 6HS   t: 01506 238283


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