Local Kirknewton Cash Support

More general news tomorrow but this announcement is important.

Behind the scenes KCDT staff member Debbie Douglas has been making applications on behalf of the community for available funding during the Covid-19 outbreak.

With the work the shop, pharmacy, KCDT staff and volunteers are providing across the community we appreciate many of you may find yourself in an unusual position, particularly if you have lost your job, income is on hold or things are getting tight before furlough pay comes through. You are not alone.

With that in mind we have the first piece of funding in and combined with Kirknewton Community Lottery Funds and donations of cash from people in the community we are able to provide approx. 50 £30 food boxes per week from the shop over the next three weeks. So if you have exhausted other avenues of support (many of them promoted in news stories on this site) then do get in touch at tonykirknewton@gmail.com and we will see if we can help. Please don’t worry and put undue pressure on yourself for the basic necessities during this time – we are here to help in confidence.

The funds, although not huge, will also support the work of the shop during this time and the delveries we have been making to the vulnerable. Thanks to everyone who continue to do the Kirknewton Community Lottery, are comfortable to make cash donations into the shop to help others who need it. Also thanks to current KCDT funders, such as Nationwide and the Lottery, who are allowing us to be flexible with our projects so we can direct as much of the funding to the community as we can and not put undue pressure on volunteers who will be needed now more than ever.

Well done to everyone so far for pulling together. Early ndications are the lockdown will continue until 7th May (although not yet confirmed) and we will keep you update here at http://www.kirknewton.info as much as we can. Stay well.

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