An Easter Message for Kirknewton

Photograph shared by Lindsay Stevenson on Facebook

We are taking a break until after Easter Monday from our daily Kirknewton news updates.

We hope you can all take time to enjoy the Easter holiday in what has been challenging times. You can do this knowing that when it mattered you and other members of the Kirknewton community came together. People have been helping each other. Streets throughout the village have been connecting neighbour to neighbour. Volunteers put themselves forward while juggling their own life and not entirely sure what the future will bring. Organisations and carers came together to provide support where it was needed the most. It has been truly inspiring to see.

For some Easter is a special time in the religious calendar (engage with that on the Kirknewton and East Calder Church website For some it’s a chance to take a breather from everyday life and spend time with family. For others, it’s about the transition from spring to summer. This year, it is likely to be a moments reflection more than most, with the hope for better times ahead.

There are people who won’t be taking a break. Many of them will be facing challenging circumstances, supporting the sick and those affected by the lockdown. When we clap every Thursday evening it’s only a fraction of the gratitude we have for you.

Our thanks also go to those who keep Kirknewton going day to day. The staff in Festival Stores, the pharmacy and those who drive buses, trains and taxi’s taking us from A to B. To all those who make our everyday lives a little better in normal circumstances, many of who volunteer their time, we miss you and cannot wait until you return.

Easter will be challenging without extended trips out, visits to family and friends, children playing together in the park and people away from their loved ones in other countries. But if it helps to protect the vulnerable, to avoid people becoming sick, to ease putting pressure on those at the front line and perhaps avoid people having to make a choice between those who live or die then it is a small sacrifice.

However, if we’ve learnt anything from the last three weeks, we know Kirknewton will come good not just this weekend but will be renewed when Covid-19 and the lockdown begins to ease. Until then stay indoors, stay safe, stay well and have a Very Happy Easter.

Please don’t forget the important numbers you may need this weekend and for the weeks ahead.

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