Free gift for Kirknewton kids for history project and clap for NHS



We need your help! We are looking for great ideas to help us create our Kirkie Comic based around the history of Kirknewton. Adults are welcome to join in too (or tell us your story here It’s the perfect project this Easter while stuck indoors!

To help Kirknewton Kids can get a FREE copy of How To Make Comics With Springworth – pick it up in the Kirknewton Shop for FREE (suitable for P4 to S2).

What we need you to do.

1) Can you tell us about you – this can be in any format you like, picture, words or comic strip.

2) What superhero would you be if you could choose? You can make your own if you like, let us know superpower you would have, again you can draw this or write it all down in note form.

3) Who would you like to meet from history who lived in Kirknewton? This could be a relative or someone from history. You might need to do a bit of research. Ask a relative (over the phone or online during the coronavirus). P4’s have already been told some stories from trips to Almond Family and Registers House in Edinburgh and the Youth Club have also had a chat about school days in the past.

We have a link below to start you off!

The main thing we want you to do though is have fun with this. Once you have finished you can drop off your masterpieces to Festival Stores, Kirknewton in the box provided, email to or keep until we are all back up and running whichever, you prefer. Some we will use in the final Kirkie comic, some we may ask you to do more, some we will take elements of your story and include it in the comic put together by a professional writer and artist.

Please contact us on if you need any help or advice.

Don’t forget to pick up your How To Make Comics from Festival Stores

Details above in pdf format for you to print out.


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