Kirknewton Community Spirit – supporting the NHS

Community Member Ross Blair projected this message in Braekirk Gardens

Thanks to community members of Kirknewton who clapped and cheered for those working as part of the NHS against the coronavirus. Many of you came to your doorsteps at 8pm on Thursday 26th March 2020. Here are some of the comments from social media. The words speak for themselves and with that we wish you a healthy weekend.

What a lovely surprise finishing my shift at the hospital and driving home to a standing ovation. Really quite touched

Great rounds of applause in Braekirk Gardens

A great turn out tonight for the NHS, on Meadowbank View/Hillhouse Terrace, our saviour’s xx Thank you xx

What an amazing community we have,never managed to video it but Meadowbank Road was brilliant with clapping and whistling.
Well done NHS.
Very emotional👏❤

Absolutely lovely. Tears rolling down my face

Great down here in Hillhouse Terrace and across in Meadowbank View thank you NHSx

Heard clapping all the way in Newlands

Great show of support for our friends in the NHS tonight!

That was awesome👏👏👏

Great to hear Kirknewton getting loud for our treasured NHS. We sure do appreciate all the NHS staff and the tough job they do.

Loved hearing all the clapping and cheering for the amazing NHS staff

Quite an emotional moment hearing and being a part of the gratitude from everyone ❤️myself and my colleagues appreciate the support you all give 🙂

Great response in Kaimes.

Well done Kirknewton great response, emotional and eerie with the mist.

Well done Hillhouse Wynd.👏

Was so lovely and very much appreciated!

I’m still feeling emotional at the support heard through the village😭Great community spirit we have here👏

Well done Meadowbank Road

Well braekirks only a wee place but great hearing the applause and cheers and whistles in appreciation for all our front line people 😊

Was fabulous hearing everyone xx

Great turn out at Hillhouse Wynd clapping for the NHS

We heard it down at the holdings too

Was really touching. I was whistling too. I’m still emotional over the support from the community xx

Could hear cheering from up and down kaimes

Well done kirknewton a tribute to all the people working through this madness to keep everything going xxx

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