Schools out for summer, exams cancelled, medical centre and food bank latest


Although there have been reports of school closures we haven’t got all the final details as yet.  This afternoon is was announced high school exams would be cancelled – details here.   If you get info from any organisation you think may be useful to people in Kirknewton email us at

Meantime here’s some advice on how families can cope if self isolating here 


Kirknewton Flyers with advice and local numbers are being distributed by a team of Kirknewton volunteers right now.  We know that as we are getting even more offers of help from other potential volunteers off the back of it.  GO TEAM KIRKNEWTON!  Don’t worry if you don’t get a flyer – all the relevant info has already been on this website.  Any frequently asked questions we will answer on this website as we go along.  Those of you have asked a couple of questions already we are seeing if we can get an answer for you.


Brownies, Rainbows and Pilates in the Village Hall have now confirmed they are to close.  We reported other cancellations yesterday.  If you know of any we haven’t listed let us know at

All West Lothian Councillors have cancelled all surgeries in the Green Room until further notice.
The Councillors can be contacted as follows:
Dave King : 01506 281267. Email-
Damian Timson: 01506 281822. Email-
Carl John: 01506 281726. Email-


We have just revised the ECMP phone message to reflect the current position and the Ratho one will be done tomorrow.

We are continuing to offer some routine face appointments which are bookable up to 48 hours in advance, however patients will be asked specific ‘screening questions’ and these appointments will be only given out for patients who need a face to face consultation.  Patients booked for a face to face appointment may not be seen by the GP they are expecting as things are changing very quickly and we cannot guarantee that someone who is here today will be here tomorrow.


You can donate money to West Lothian foodbanks here 

The impact of the advice and guidelines given by the government issued on 16th March on the working practices and demands on the service of West Lothian Foodbank are anticipated as requiring us to take the following actions:

Distribution Centres

Due to so many of our volunteers being over 70 or having underlying health conditions, we will have to close all distribution centres as of close of business on Friday 20th March.

The plan will be distribution centres open for business from Monday 26th March will be as follows: (This is subject to change & when someone is referred they will need to let us know which centre they will attend.

Bathgate Advice Shop; open Mon-Fri 9am-5pm

Broxburn;  Tue, Thu 12.30pm-2.30pm (home deliveries only)

Linlithgow; Tue, Fri 10.30am-12.30pm (home deliveries only)

Livingston (Warehouse at Deans Ind. Est.); open for collections Mon-Fri 9.30am-11am

West Calder;  Wed 2.30pm-4.30pm (home deliveries only)

Whitburn Foodbank Charity Shop; open for collections Mon, Wed, Fri 12noon-3pm

Referral System

We currently have 150 partner referral agencies in West Lothian. In order to deal with the anticipated increase in demand & of people looking to access a foodbank for fear they cannot access food in the shops, we will be pointing all our referral agencies to point potential clients to call Bathgate Advice Shop 01506 283000 or the Citizens Advice Bureau 01506 432977 to access a phone referral. Both services have access to all relevant information on potential service users to identify whether their request for food is authentic and a genuine crisis situation.

Ensuring Food Is Accessed By Those In Self-isolation

We would ask wherever possible that carers, or support workers, pick up food parcels from a distribution centre for a client who is in self-isolation.

For those who have no means of accessing a distribution centre, we will put in place a delivery team to deliver to people’s homes. In addition to our own van and two full-time warehouse staff, our warehouse manager would utilise his own van for deliveries. We also have volunteers from Linlithgow, West Calder and Broxburn who are willing to utilise their large cars and make deliveries in their area. We will message all other volunteers in our organisation not in the category of over 70, or having underlying health issues, to enquire as to whether they would be willing to make themselves and their vehicle available for making home deliveries.


At this time we will not be issuing vouchers to any referral partners, we will only be taken phone referrals from the Advice Shop & Citizens Advice Bureau.

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