Be neighbourly… , Volunteers Assemble and Kirknewton Cancellations

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Hello Kirknewton

Welcome to your daily update


I’m feeling ill, do I have coronavirus – see here 

How to wash your hands – see here 

Coronavirus and Ibuprofen – fact v fiction – read it here. 


The Kirknewton Community Development Trust, Community Council and Church are working together with our current resources to help direct volunteers who have come forward to help with specific tasks during this time.  However first and foremost we urge you to remain neighbourly and help each other if you can.  Some wonderful help is currently happening out there.


If you feel you can help volunteer during this time email with your name, mobile number and address.

Maria Bathgate, the Kirknewton Community Development Trust Volunteer Co-ordinator, will be taking the lead.  E mail if you can offer your time with your name, mobile number and address.  Maria will be in touch today to co-ordinate Kirknewton information leaflets distribution.  It’s expected volunteers will be able to distribute flyers in their own street from tomorrow, and be able to collect flyers from Festival Stores today (Wednesday).  It’s due to be dry tomorrow so no soggy flyers expected!

The leaflet provides all the numbers we feel you need at this time and we have made initial preparations about what happens next in this rapidly changing situation.  We are pleased to say we have been working with colleagues in East Calder, Mid Calder and Calderwood to use the leaflet as a basis for their own leaflet too.


The Kirknewton Pharmacy has suspended Post Office services but still doing banking and Pharmacy services.

The Kirknewton Gala has been postponed.

Events we know have been suspended in the Green Room – Keyboards, Youth Club, Weight Watchers.

Events we know have been suspended in the Village Hall – West Lothian School of Dance has been suspended.

St Mary’s Church at Dalmahoy has been suspended.

Events we know have been suspended in the Church Hall – Kirknewton Baby and Toddlers

Let us know if your groups or events cancelled at and we will pass on here.  Send us your good news stories too, to keep people entertained!


We are stopping giving double prescriptions as this is causing a lot of work for our pharmacy colleagues.  The practice websites will be updated to reflect this here

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  1. Great update with really useful, clear information. Thank you for this & the work going on to collate information and co-ordinate resources and help for the village .

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