Kirknewton local numbers you need and latest Coronavirus Advice


The latest advice on coronavirus, released yesterday evening, can be read here.

In Kirknewton if you require any help with shopping, prescriptions, or just a general chit chat then please feel free to contact the appropriate numbers below:

  • Festival Stores – 01506 885331, this number is available from 6:30am-9pm (8pm Saturday, 6pm Sunday), for any general queries or local advice.  We will update any Question and Answers on this site.
  • Pharmacy – 01506 883048, for any prescription needs or health advice.
  • East Calder Medical Practice, 01506 882882 (latest Medical Centre advice below)
  • Maria Bathgate is a new part time member of staff at Kirknewton Community Development Trust with specific funding to support our volunteer and senior citizen programme until December 2021  – E mail or call 01506 885331 and she will help  and co-ordinate volunteers to support everyone at this time.  If you feel you can volunteer time please give us your name / address / mobile.  

If you are experiencing financial difficulties please contact the Advice Shop on 01506 283000 in the first instance.  If you continue to face financial hardship contact the Festival Stores and we will try to help in any way we can.

This information has been produced by Kirknewton Community Development Trust, Kirknewton Community Council and East Calder and Kirknewton Parish Church working together to achieve positive outcomes during this difficult time.

Latest East Calder Medical Centre Advice

We are now asking all patients a series of questions prior to deciding whether they should have a face to face or a telephone appointment.  We are also reducing book ahead time to 48 hours so that we can quickly divert our resources when the time comes.

We are also getting a lot of calls from patients with minor symptoms and it would be really useful to us if patients took the advice on the NHS inform website in the first instance.

Balerno High School

The advice at the moment from Balerno High School is below (from Edinburgh City Council to the High School).  The school remains open.  Once we hear if any changes to exams we will let you know.

  • All foreign excursions up to the 30th June are cancelled.
  • All school events have to be cancelled for us this means the Dance show and Spring concert are cancelled.
  • No school assemblies or non-urgent meetings that require bringing groups together.


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