Kirknewton website to be first port of call during Coronavirus


The Kirknewton Community website,,  will be the first port of call during the Coronavirus in communicating facts and support over the next few months.  This is accessible by phone, tablet, laptop and desktop.

Notices regarding the coronavirus will be put on the website first.  This can be shared on social media (feel free to share).   Updates on the website will be printed out and put up in local venues like Festival Stores for those not ‘online’.  We will also share community news to you too.  If you have any news to share email

This is also the email to send your name, number and address if you can volunteer help if required.  Although we intend to co-ordinate an effort from available community resources we stress that continuing the help you are giving to each other being and neighbourly is just, if not more, important.

More news and key community numbers you will need will be shared over the coming days.  Meantime above is an easy to use guide to check your symptoms for coronavirus from the World Health Organisation and below some useful links for you.

Coronovirus – what should I do?

Coronovirus – what are the symptons and how to protect yourself

Coronovirus – what it does to the body?

For over 75’s the planned TV Licence charge due on 7th June has now been delayed until August – more here

We have a notice from East Calder Medical Practice here.

More tomorrow.

Kirknewton Community Council, Kirknewton Community Development Trust, East Calder and Kirknewton Church

East Calder Medical Practice




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