Kirknewton Goes For Goals with Aviva Crowdfunder


Do you love football in and want to see more in Kirknewton?  Then support a new Aviva Crowdfunder and get yourself some local benefits like a free lottery ticket, half price rental of the new e bikes or a free ad in the Kirknewton Newsletter here.

We love our community.  Kirknewton Community Development have a great team. We work really closely with all the groups in Kirknewton. to ensure that this is a great village to live in.  We have this year set up a new pensioners’ group getting our older residents out and about including going out for afternoon tea and a day trip to Pitlochry.  It has been hugely successful and it has been great getting to know them all. 

We also run a youth club for our P7’s and S1’s and up which is very popular but there are limited things that the kids can do in the village. Running these two groups gave us the idea to bring these fabulous people together in something fun.  The building of the new football pavilion was the sign community members needed to decide on football! Nothing brings people together like football does.

What is our vision?

We have a big football pitch and goals but no nets and the pitch is too big for the smaller kids.  The kids end up playing in the streets in different small areas.  We would like everyone to be able to use the park to play football.


Our aim is to bring everyone with a love of football together to play scheduled games and the football pavilion open for changing and toilet breaks. This includes boys, girls. mums. dads. grannies and grandads.  We would like to get everyone playing no exclusions.  No one is not good enough.

Where would your money go?

Any money raised would buy new nets and smaller goals, footballs and if we get enough we would train some local volunteers  from the local community, through the SFA scheme , to be able to coach the kids . Our absolute long -term aim would be to have our own football teams.


We would get the project up and running as soon as we had the money.

We would love it if you could help us achieve this goal (no pun intended!) We would have a fitter, healthier and happier Kirknewton.

The Trust is committing time and resources to help support any adult or kids football team over the next 18 months but we have the opportunity from Aviva to crowdfund to kick it off.  Aviva staff alongside community members and local businesses can show their support by pledging some financial support to this project.  Crowdfunding is a challenge where you get everything if you achieve your financial goal or nothing if you don’t.  If this is of interest to you please support the crowdfunder here


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