Kirknewton Christmas Festival 2019


The Kirknewton Christmas Festival 2019 kicks off this weekend with the Christmas Market (Santa will be there we believe) at the Stables and the Torchlight Procession from Meadowbank and Lighting of the Christmas Tree at the edge of the park followed by refreshments in the Village Hall.  Both events are run by the Kirknewton Gala.

We will let you know when the Scouts Santa’s Sleigh is due to come around streets in the village.

There is a Kirknewton and East Calder torchlight procession from Meadowbank at 10pm (torches provided) to the Church where there will be refreshments before a 11.30pm Midnight Service.

At the Christmas Market there will be mulled wine, food, love music and entertainment from the 12-4pm in the Stables, Kirknewton.

On Sunday the Torchlight Procession begins at 4.45pm and you can purchase your lights and torches at Festival Stores now.

On Friday night the Youth Club kids are invited to the Village Hall from 7-8.30pm to help decorate the Hall for refreshments on Sunday night.

Details of all events below.


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