Hugh Hunter Gordon retires as Community Council Chair – four stand for election today

cropped-kirknewton-news-master-heading-with-image2.jpgAfter exactly thirteen years as Chair of Kirknewton Community Council Hugh Hunter Gordon will resign and step down as a Community Councillor today.

An election will take place at tonight’s Kirknewton Community Council for a new Chair.  Community Councillors are eligible to vote.  The election will be by Single Transferable Vote.  Standing for the role will be Frank Lynch, Anne Pinkerton, John Sives and John Thomas.

The Election of Hugh Hunter Gordon in December 2005 was attended by 6 previously serving Councillors, of which three will continue as elected Councillors today. The Election was not contested.

Amongst matters at that first meeting were a need to understand what was the Kirknewton Community Association, a request to change the timing of meetings, the circulation of email addresses for ease of correspondence, the establishment of a charitable body to receive, manage and control money received from the successful pursuit of the social justice campaign surrounding the failure of the Kaimes landfill site to be operated legally, control of planning requests within the conservation village and a discussion about the railway level-crossing.

The Gala had not been staged and the management of the Village Hall was in some difficulties.

Hugh was instrumental in achieving two elections for the Community Council, the last having 27 people stand for 18 places.

In his resignation letter he noted the efforts of those that were engaged then and those that have become involved since then, allied to the achievement in obtaining substantial Lottery support for many years, having together enabled the Kirknewton Community to regain its vibrancy and become engaged in a diverse range of activities and participation.

The last community consultation in 2015 had ‘community spirit’ as being the reason they liked living in Kirknewton.  The previous consultation the reason had been ‘location’.

Hugh went on to say, “I am immensely grateful for having been allowed to play a tiny part in this change. I am completely confident that today there is the energy, the competences and the enthusiasms to go strongly forward.”

We’d like to pass on our thanks to Hugh for his years of service on the Community Council and no doubt he will continue to help the community in his role as a Board member of the Kirknewton Community Development Trust.

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