Kirknewton Community Council. You said – we did.

Got a question?  Use the postcards in the shop and pharmacy and your question will go to the Community Council.  Here is the answer to your last set of questions that went to the meeting on Thursday 8th November.  Thank you for your questions.

image1Community Lottery

There should be posters up after the draw to let people know who won, how much and where the other half of the money is being spent.  Not everyone is on Facebook.
Answer: This will be actioned. Names can only be given with the
agreement of the winner.

Good idea having other prizes as well as main cash prize in lottery.
Answer: This has been done with a donation. Will remain under consideration.

Village Hall
There should be a list of contacts names/number outside village hall and Green Room for new bookings.

Key holder should be there to show how light and everything works.

Good idea to have a leaflet detailing how the hall works and what happens when handing it back (cleaning etc.)

We hired the hall last night and needed to heat up food to find the cooker had been condemned which was a huge inconvenience.

Improvements to Village Hall – There is no storage for Mini & Me items. We run weekly and have been advised that we have to clear away our items from the kitchen. We would like outdoor space in the back to store them.

Toilets also need fixed, usually out of order, toilet seats not attached, never any hand rolls in the toilet.

General cleanliness is awful. Fire guards not fixed to the wall (complained many times). Inside windows are dirty.

Answer: The hall is look after by a sub- committee and they will be meeting ASAP and the comments and complaints will be fully discussed and reviewed. Further information will follow after the meeting.


Be useful to have a leaflet detailing shop hours and informing of other shops/services in area to give to new residents.
Answer: This is being collated and information on the result will be announced ASAP

Why are buses coming 2 at a time
Answer: This is a matter between the operating companies and West Lothian Council. Elected West Lothian Councillors hold regular meetings in the village. Details available in Green Room and Festival Stores.

Is there any chance of getting some traffic mirrors put up at the garage on the junction exiting Forth View due to vans etc. parking on the double yellow lines the view can be restricted.
Answer: This is being investigated.

Hole on pavement next to Pharmacy – please fix.
Answer: Reported to fix my street. West Lothian Council visited and passed to Scottish Water as it is their manhole that is causing the problem.

Who runs the neighbourhood watch and what is being done about all the vandalism to cars.

Answer: One of the Community Councillors is dealing with is through the National Neighbourhood Watch. Discussions will also be held with the Police. IT IS IMPERATIVE THAT ALL CONCERNS MUST BE REPORTED TO THE POLICE ON 101 OR IF NECESSARY ON 999

What has the Community Council achieved in the last year
Answer: Copies of the minutes of the meetings will be made available.
Brief summary: Major planning Communication exercise completed for proposed Humbie Development, Bus Stop replaced at The Inn, new Dog waste bin replaced in the park, representation made re proposed park and ride at railway station, grants obtained from West Lothian Council for Senior Citizen activities – more details later, introductions of ongoing communication by the use of the communication cards.

Is there a difference between the Community Council and the Trust
These are two separately constituted organisations. Community Councillors elected by the community. A joint meeting has been arranged for November and further clarification will follow.
The Kirknewton Community Development Trust has a Board of volunteer Directors from the community, is registered as a charity and limited company, registered with the charity regulator OSCr and can be contacted through the Green Room.


Kirknewton Lottery winners – Playgroup, Boxcir, Gala and Primary School benefit




Draw one: Ticket sales (over three weeks)
– Lesley Barr won £336

Draw two: 
– Tracy Troy won £236

Draw three: 
– Andy Campbell won £202

Draw four:
– Gary Daniell won £182

Draw five:
– Alan Dourley won £206

Kirknewton Playgroup got £240 for a new easel
Kirknewton Gala will receive £150 towards the brass band for the Christmas
Boxcir will receive £90 for new gloves
Kirknewton Primary School will receive £185 for some new loose play equipment.

If you want funds from the Kirknewton Community Lottery please e mail with name, group, what funds are required and why and how much.

Buy your ticket at Festival Stores by 7pm every Monday or set up a monthly standing order – e mail for details.