Kirknewton Community Council. You said – we did.

Got a question?  Use the postcards in the shop and pharmacy and your question will go to the Community Council.  Here is the answer to your last set of questions that went to the meeting on Thursday 8th November.  Thank you for your questions.

image1Community Lottery

There should be posters up after the draw to let people know who won, how much and where the other half of the money is being spent.  Not everyone is on Facebook.
Answer: This will be actioned. Names can only be given with the
agreement of the winner.

Good idea having other prizes as well as main cash prize in lottery.
Answer: This has been done with a donation. Will remain under consideration.

Village Hall
There should be a list of contacts names/number outside village hall and Green Room for new bookings.

Key holder should be there to show how light and everything works.

Good idea to have a leaflet detailing how the hall works and what happens when handing it back (cleaning etc.)

We hired the hall last night and needed to heat up food to find the cooker had been condemned which was a huge inconvenience.

Improvements to Village Hall – There is no storage for Mini & Me items. We run weekly and have been advised that we have to clear away our items from the kitchen. We would like outdoor space in the back to store them.

Toilets also need fixed, usually out of order, toilet seats not attached, never any hand rolls in the toilet.

General cleanliness is awful. Fire guards not fixed to the wall (complained many times). Inside windows are dirty.

Answer: The hall is look after by a sub- committee and they will be meeting ASAP and the comments and complaints will be fully discussed and reviewed. Further information will follow after the meeting.


Be useful to have a leaflet detailing shop hours and informing of other shops/services in area to give to new residents.
Answer: This is being collated and information on the result will be announced ASAP

Why are buses coming 2 at a time
Answer: This is a matter between the operating companies and West Lothian Council. Elected West Lothian Councillors hold regular meetings in the village. Details available in Green Room and Festival Stores.

Is there any chance of getting some traffic mirrors put up at the garage on the junction exiting Forth View due to vans etc. parking on the double yellow lines the view can be restricted.
Answer: This is being investigated.

Hole on pavement next to Pharmacy – please fix.
Answer: Reported to fix my street. West Lothian Council visited and passed to Scottish Water as it is their manhole that is causing the problem.

Who runs the neighbourhood watch and what is being done about all the vandalism to cars.

Answer: One of the Community Councillors is dealing with is through the National Neighbourhood Watch. Discussions will also be held with the Police. IT IS IMPERATIVE THAT ALL CONCERNS MUST BE REPORTED TO THE POLICE ON 101 OR IF NECESSARY ON 999

What has the Community Council achieved in the last year
Answer: Copies of the minutes of the meetings will be made available.
Brief summary: Major planning Communication exercise completed for proposed Humbie Development, Bus Stop replaced at The Inn, new Dog waste bin replaced in the park, representation made re proposed park and ride at railway station, grants obtained from West Lothian Council for Senior Citizen activities – more details later, introductions of ongoing communication by the use of the communication cards.

Is there a difference between the Community Council and the Trust
These are two separately constituted organisations. Community Councillors elected by the community. A joint meeting has been arranged for November and further clarification will follow.
The Kirknewton Community Development Trust has a Board of volunteer Directors from the community, is registered as a charity and limited company, registered with the charity regulator OSCr and can be contacted through the Green Room.


Kirknewton Lottery winners – Playgroup, Boxcir, Gala and Primary School benefit




Draw one: Ticket sales (over three weeks)
– Lesley Barr won £336

Draw two: 
– Tracy Troy won £236

Draw three: 
– Andy Campbell won £202

Draw four:
– Gary Daniell won £182

Draw five:
– Alan Dourley won £206

Kirknewton Playgroup got £240 for a new easel
Kirknewton Gala will receive £150 towards the brass band for the Christmas
Boxcir will receive £90 for new gloves
Kirknewton Primary School will receive £185 for some new loose play equipment.

If you want funds from the Kirknewton Community Lottery please e mail with name, group, what funds are required and why and how much.

Buy your ticket at Festival Stores by 7pm every Monday or set up a monthly standing order – e mail for details.

Edinburgh Airport Airspace Changed rejected by CAA – community voice heard

airport-expansion-featureThe CAA appear to have rejected Edinburgh Airport Limited’s proposal, including the flightpath that would have sent turboprops low over Kirknewton and East Calder.

It is likely that the airport will now need to genuinely consult communities using realistic flight numbers and noise assessments under a new Airspace Change procedure. In the latter stages of the current process, it was alleged that the noise projections for Edinburgh were simply a copy of projections for Gatwick!

The Edinburgh Airport Noise Advisory Board has made a substantial contribution to ensuring the CAA was aware of the flaws in Edinburgh Airport Limited’s facts and figures. It’s made up of volunteer community councillors from across the region.

This work was taken forward by the Kirknewton Community Council following an approach by concerned residents about the increase in noise pollution from aeroplanes flying from Edinburgh Airport about two years ago.

Full CAA letter here.

Community comes together for 100 years since end of World War One

pic 2

pic 1.jpg

pic 3

pic 4.jpg

pic 5

Well done to the Yarnbombers, Kirknewton Brownies, youth groups and community crafters who have marked 100 years since the end of World War One with knitted poppies and displays across the village.  Amazing job.

Don’t forget the annual Remembrance Service and procession to the war memorial from the Church on Sunday 11th November at 9.45am.

Expect traffic delays during the time of the procession.

Kirknewton Community Development Trust News November 2018


The Kirknewton Community Development Trust Annual General Meeting is scheduled for Thursday 6th December at 7pm.
The Agenda is
1) Welcome to the meeting, attendance and apologies for absence. 
2) To approve the minutes of the last AGM
3) To receive the audited accounts
4) To receive a report from the Chair and short reports from the Gala and the Village Hall Group KCA
5) Resignation of Directors
6) Elect Directors
7) Approve auditors
If you are a have a question for the Board please email by Monday 3rd December and they will endeavour to answer your question at the event.
Details about the Trust can be found here
2018 – 2019
It has been a challenging year for the Trust, particularly in light of the decision to not grant Fauch Hill Windfarm by West Lothian Council and by the Reporter at appeal, which means we don’t have the expected continuation of funding now the Big Lottery Scotland funds have ended.  This is a loss of around £80,000 a year to the community. 
In particular it means we may lose staff early next year who support the volunteer led Board of the Trust to ensure we make things happen and achieve the outcomes of the Community Development Plan, put together by your comments during the Kirknewton Community Consultation.
The next consultation and plan is due to take place in late 2019/early 2020 and once again we won’t have additional project funds unless we are successful in our fundraising and grant applications.  This is becoming increasingly challenging during austerity and local authority cuts that mean former council funded groups are also chasing the same limited pots of funding that are available to us.
However we continue to move things forward – here is a short summary of what’s being going on.
The KCDT Board and Kirknewton Community Council hope to meet during a facilitated discussion to look at positive ways we can harness and direct energies of the two bodies.
They have already identified the need for more volunteers to help run the Village Hall – if interested please e mail 
The Kirknewton Community Council is only one of two elected community councils in Scotland (for a second time!), meaning they have do have a lot of influence on decision making and directing available Council resources to support Kirknewton.  Coupled with an acknowledgement by external consultants for Big Lottery Scotland that Kirknewton Community Development Trust is a perfect anchor organisation there is great potential.  However it is all volunteer driven, so they do need your support if you have the skills, experience and drive to ‘muck in’ on projects.
The Trust currently employs a CEO, Finance Officer, Youth and Volunteer Officer, Fundraising Officer, Community Gardener and two p/t cleaners.  We believe we have been very fortunate to get great staff members on board who are doing brilliant work, many of who live in the village.  This also makes us a significant employer in the local area.
The Trust still has a healthy bank account, albeit ringfenced for projects and being used as contributions towards larger funding applications or cash flow when grants are paid in arrears.
  • We are meeting two representatives from the lottery on 16th November in the Green Room to review, assist and develop our recent application for funding for a new project which takes what we have built on over the last five years and enhances it.
  • The Green Room break in caused over £5000 of damage and not all of that can be recovered under insurance, largely affecting the Youth Club.
The lottery is raising approximately £400 a week, half to community groups and projects.  We have already donated £260 for a new easel for Playgroup with applications in from Boxcir, the School and Gala.
It’s simple to apply for funds – send us your name, group, how much is required and what activity it is for consideration to
Buy your tickets before 7pm every Monday at Festival Stores.  If you want to never miss the lottery set up a standing order with your bank.  Email for details.
The shop is donating money from sales of hot chocolate next week and we are working with local business to provide extra in kind and cash prizes.  We help promote business to the local community for this – please contact Debbie Douglas, the Fundraising Officer, at
The Youth club activities up to Xmas include a an overnight sleep out for Social Bite, a trip to the military museum in Wilkieston and promoting young people’s mental health through Feels FM.  Ailsa Meldrum, our Youth & Volunteering Officer, has been supporting the Youth Club volunteers and promoting YC within the community including through Kirknewton Primary School and Balerno High School.
The Youth Club can always use more volunteers to help so e mail if you want to support young people activity in the village.
  • Ailsa worked with Debbie, the Fundraising Officer, to advertise, promote and attend eco car and bike events held in the community – both events were well attended with over 30 bikes being repaired and 10 people attending the eco car event.
  • Debbie has recently been awarded funds for the Trust to purchase two electric eco-bikes that can be used for short journeys, to the medical centre or library in East Calder for example.
  • Ailsa has also been working with members of the community council to help with events they would like to put on (we also gave training for their new communication strategy), supporting the local volunteer groups with PVGs (checks for working with children and young people) and practical support.  She has also been researching and info gathering from the West Lothian Volunteer Network regarding YC, regular coffee mornings and fundraising.
  • Ailsa has been building on links and relationships with Balerno High School and Kirknewton Primary School on working together as a community to have a screening of the resilience documentary and raising awareness of ACE’s including going to the conference in Glasgow last month, the resilience documentary in Balerno last week and networking.
  • Ailsa also organised a memorial tree for babyloss awareness week which was well received, with members of the community adding ribbons, hearts and stories with Ailsa.
The funding for this role ends in December but it is hoped we can maintain in through Community Lottery funds and funds from work being done by the Community Gardener.
This fund from Scottish Government and Development Trust Association of Scotland is to fund posts who can develop and raise funds to support community activity.  Debbie Douglas and Greg Young, our Community Gardener, are funded from this grant until March 2019 but we are hoping for a years extension beyond that.
Greg, our new Community Gardener,  has built a base of repeat customers requiring work in the community.  He encourages people to recycle their garden waste and gives advice on how to do that (if they don’t do it already). 
If you’d like Greg to help with your garden email for a quote.
  • This role has already supported the work on the Charles Jencks project at the East End of the village. It is expected to be complete by spring/summer of next year and as part of the arts grant funding their is money for a small arts festival and official opening of the artwork.  Charles Jencks has international standing and it is hoped this unique work will encourage visitors to Kirknewton, supporting local business, increased tourism and creating employment.
  • Along with plans to provide garden services for estates across Kirknewton Greg is also in the planning stage for the establishment of a Friends of Kirknewton Community Woods group and working on a funding application for Woods in and around Towns (Forestry Commission).  This is to support work at the Community Garden in the Park and in Churchill Way.  We are also investigating ways we can support the area around Harperigg, where we have already got funding for a broadband project and another application for a defib.
  • Greg is also helping out with Muddy Boots at the School Gardening Club and during the winter will plan the work on the unkempt area across from Meadowbank for which we have funds of £10,000 to improve.
  • Applications for a Football Fund to Aviva have been made in preparation for the Pavilion.  It’s online with a request for £25,000.  You can support that application here.
  • Bank of Scotland have been approached for £25,000.
  • We received £876 for a Climate Challenge Grant and working up towards a new application.  Debbie has been working with Eco Bike and Car partners for help with this.
  • We have received £4k for Ebike funding.
  • We have been successful at getting paid for authors for a Live Literature event.
  • We are looking for funds for fireworks and Xmas Fair next year.
  • £1000 has been given for the Pensioners Fund with an additional £1000 from the defunct pensioners group bank account and £700 from a fund applied for by the Community Council.  Debbie is working with representatives from the Community Council on this.
  • There are currently applications in for £140,000 of funding from Robertson Trust, NatWest Opportunities and National Lottery.

Debbie has also been working on a Shop Local event on 25th November (details below) as part of the Christmas Festival.  Unfortunately the Stables is booked throughout December so no Christmas Fair there this year.

We have also been doing work on Heritage Lottery Fund for a £50/60,000 history project along with local partners, a possible extension of that project from Leader across West Lothian or funding to support activity around Housing, Young Start Funds and YMI Music Strengthening.
The Community Council will write a letter of support to the Heritage Lottery Fund application and donated £100 towards the proposal.
We’ve been working with other West Lothian Trusts to establish a Development Worker for the region to work with DTAS (which now has 250 members across Scotland) and ensure the Council become more aware what Trusts are doing as well as supporting new, establishing and developed Trusts.  This will feed into the Democracy Matters agenda which has the potential to lead to funding going to community groups rather than the local authority for some matters (although some way off!).
Horizon Housing will manage the properties and allocations for the property when built.  Working with Link they also designed the interior of the properties for the elderly, making them dementia friendly and accessible for varying needs.  The houses will be low cost to heat and light.
Staffing issues and resource implications meant our chosen RSL Development partner were unable to continue the development of houses at what is now know as Hillhouse Park (the land at the East end of the village).
We are currently working with a set of architects, have just commissioned a QS and working with a consultant from Rural Housing Scotland to complete our Rural Housing Grant for early next year (an application expected in the region of £500,000).
West Lothian Council seem to be coming to a resolution to the section 75 agreement (a contribution for local infrastructure such as schools etc) for this affordable rented housing.  This will inform the required business plan and full planning application for 7 single storey homes.
The houses have to be complete by March 2021.
The windfarm at Camilty has had its application for larger turbines approved and have approached us through the Forestry Commission to discuss community benefit and community investment in this project.  We expect this is our last opportunity to invest in a renewable energy project.
image2 (3)

Kirknewton Christmas Festival 2018


The Kirknewton Christmas Festival 2018 – 5th Nov to 25th Dec  (more events and info TBC or provide details to
The Green Room and Village Hall are available to hire for your Xmas and New Year events in 2018 & 2019.  Call 01506883988 / 07816 880175 or e mail to book – only £10 an hour
5th Nov – The Kirknewton Community Lottery Draw with cash 1st prize and Lisa Blair Beauty voucher as 2nd prize.  £1 a ticket at Kirknewton Festival Store.  Watch out for more Christmas gift prizes in the weekly Community Lottery throughout November and December
5th – 12th Nov – Buy a £1 Hot Chocolate in Festival Stores and the £1 will be put towards the Kirknewton Community Lottery draw jackpot on 12th Nov.
Sat 24 Nov – Christmas Fair in Kirknewton Primary School at 2-5pm.  Childrens Enterprise stalls, Santa’s  Grotto, Mulled Wine & Refreshments, Disco Dome, Tombola, Games & Lots More!  To improve literacy resources in school.
Sun 25 Nov – Shop Local Event 1-4pm in Village Hall and Green Room.  Stella & Dot, Partylite, Wooden Gifts, Bodyshop, Potter Around & lots of lovely gift ideas.  Don’t forget to check out gifts at Festival Stores, the Kirknewton Pharmacy and Potter Around over the weekend too.
Sun 2 Dec – Potter Around Christmas Fair
Sun 2 Dec – Kirknewton Santa Parade, Lighting of the Tree and coffee & mulled wine in Village Hall afterwards.  4.30pm from Meadowbank Road
Thu 6 Dec – Gala Christmas Quiz in the Village Pub
Sat 15 Dec – Santa’s Sleigh around Kirknewton
Sun 23 Dec – Childrens Nativity Family Service in East Calder Church at 11.15am
Mon 24 Dec – Christmas Family Service in East Calder Church at 7pm
Carol singing round Kirknewton – meet at Meadowbank roundabout at 9.45pm.  Finish in time for refreshements in Kirknewton Church at 11pm.  Watchnight service in Kirknewton Church at 11.30pm.  Festive refreshements available from 11pm
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