Kirknewton Community Council want to hear from you – write them a postcard!


Kirknewton Community Council are ‘Working To Make A Difference In The Community’ and are looking to capture your questions, ideas, suggestions and issues to help inform their regular monthly meetings.

To do this they have arranged postcards and suggestion boxes on an ongoing basis for you to put in writing your questions and thoughts.  All you need to do is fill in the postcard either at Festival Stores or the Pharmacy, pop it in the suggestion box and they will take time in their monthly meetings to review and help in any way they can.

Further to that they will make the questions and potential actions known on noticeboards, via this website or on social media.

This is a new initiative that will help your voice get heard by the Community Council and help them become more aware of the needs of local community members.

Why not give it a go.



First Kirknewton Lottery Winners announced.

image1 (7)

Pictured above is Lesley Barr (right) being given her £336 Kirknewton Community Lottery cheque from Kirknewton Community Development Trust Fundraising Officer Debbie Douglas.  Congratulations Lesley.

The weekly Kirknewton Community Lottery was drawn on 1st October after three weeks of ticket sales.  The aim is to raise funds for local groups and winners get 50% of the total raised.  Tickets can be purchased for £1 each from Festival Stores or e mail for details to set up a monthly standing order.

The second draw was won by local Tracy Troy with ticket 857 who received £236.  A fabulous total of £472 was raised after only one week of ticket sales

After two weeks the Kirknewton community have been able to pay £260 for a new easel for the Kirknewton Community Playgroup, which is a terrific achievement.

If you are a local community group looking for funds then e mail giving your name, group, what you are looking for and how much is it going to cost.