Kirknewton launch weekly Community Lottery


Kirknewton Community Development Trust has launched a weekly community lottery.  The first draw is on Monday 1st October and the first jackpot is going to be over £200 for one lucky winner.  It is likely to be much more when the first draw closes at 7pm on Monday.

Each week you can buy your ticket at Kirknewton Festival Stores.  50% of the final jackpot will go to a winner and 50% will go into community groups and projects.

Buy your ticket before 7pm and then watch the draw live on facebook.  The first draw is expected at 9.30pm on facebook live.

Members of the community can also set up a regular standing order with their bank to ensure they never miss a draw.  Pay £5 a month for 1 ticket, £10 for 2, £15 for 3 etc. with an extra ticket in the draw at the end of each month for you.  E mail for bank details and your dedicated number.

The chances are winning the Kirknewton are far greater than the national lottery.  Members of the community have been very supportive of this idea and are looking forward to a wonderful cash win before Christmas.

Community groups also benefit directly too.  You can request funds by emailing with your name, group and details of the funding required.


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