Kirknewton Community Garden Services

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Kirknewton Community Garden Services is a new project run by Kirknewton Community Development Trust through funding from the Scottish Government and Development Trust of Scotland.

To ask for a quote contact or call 01506 883988

The aims of the project are:
 To provide a range of gardening and factor services for the people of Kirknewton.
 Work with local volunteer groups to enhance areas around the village.
 Provide additional volunteer and training opportunities.
 To reinvest profits made back into the project and community.

The gardening project will offer a range of services for a competitive price that will be reinvested back into the community including:

 Grass and hedge cutting
 Small tree, bush and shrub removal
 Weeding and general tidy up
 Small landscaping work
 Fencing
 Small painting jobs
 Edible gardening
 Composting and recycling
 Garden design
 Advice and consultancy
 Snow/path clearing

The project will also support landscaping areas such as the Charles Jencks art project, the Camps Junction elderly housing project, the community woodland and a project to enhance the area near the Meadowbank bus stop.  We are also aware the Trust has been approached by community groups wishing to change or find a local factor, contribute financially or volunteer help in other areas/woodlands around the village or simply have an option for their garden and this project hopes to help with that.

To ask for a quote contact or call 01506 883988

As this is a community project all the profits will be reinvested in expanding
the project and to provide training opportunities for local people.

We realise some people have difficulty maintaining their garden and we are here to help.  The key element in this project is making Kirknewton an attractive and appealing
village to those who live and pass through here as you identified in the Kirknewton Community Development Plan. This project will allow the people to see visible everyday examples of the progress that KCDT is making in enhancing Kirknewton and support the work identified and done by volunteer groups.

Getting the community involved is another critical part of this project. Along
with undertaking project out in the community we will also be running various
workshops such as:
 Composting and soil management
 Seed swap
 Wild food foraging
 Organic gardening

We will also run an open day to help introduce us to the local community, to
show examples of the work we undertake, and to recruit new customers and

A direct contact to Greg will be available soon but if you wish a quote contact or call 01506 883988

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