Kirknewton Community Council Candidates named

There will be a full election for the Kirknewton Community Council – for the second time! Last time around there were 13 candidates for 12 positions.  Following new guidance from the Scottish Government there are now 18 places – and we have 27 candidates standing.

We are just putting together their information about themselves that will be made available online and as a printed document delivered to (most) doors or in various outlets prior to the election late October.  More details to follow but meantime here are the names of those who have put their name forward.

Kirknewton Community Council
Final List of Candidates for 2017 Election

List of Nominees

Martyn Lee Blainey

Julia Helen Bracewell

Susan Mary Campbell

John Cunningham

John David Sholto Douglas

Derrick Alan Emms

Victor Garrad

Robert Graham

Neil Gwynne

Fiona Halliday

Graham John Hamilton

Patricia Steward Hastings

Hugh Hunter Gordon

Angel Jones Lynch

Francis John Lynch

Sian Wynne Markx

Iain Adam Masterton

Kirsty McKeown

Stewart James McKenna

Beverley Morris

Mary Anne Hamilton Pinkerton

Michael William Rae

John Sives

John Thomas

Jennifer Susan Clare Thomson

Ian Watt

Tammy Wood

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