To be a Kirknewton Community Councillor – all you have to do is live here!


Dear all

We are trying to convince as many people to stand as a Kirknewton Community Councillor as we can – not only to have an election but a healthy mix of local opinion. You only need to live in Kirknewton to stand.

Four years ago we had an election with 25% of you voting (a local election with party machines behind it is usually around 40%) which strengthened the Kirknewton voice in West Lothian. A Community Councillor attends 11 meetings a year, 2nd Tuesday of every month (except July) in the Green Room for approx. 2 hours. Any additional work comes from actions you can take forward.

There will be a workshop event on Tuesday 29th August at 7pm (to 9pm the latest) in the Green Room, 12 Main Street, Kirknewton. You will get a chance to meet other people standing, help fill in nomination forms for the Council, give guidance on what is required for election material (a simple biography and a few ideas, nothing too difficult) and a couple of scenarios of what to expect.

In advance of the event, if you have not already done so, you can download a nomination form from the link below.

So we can get an idea of those attending can you RSVP to this email by Tuesday 22nd August or before.

If the Community Council is not for you perhaps you can pass this message on to others you feel should stand. A mix of ages, gender and those involved in other community groups most welcome.

We can also have 4 Youth Members from 14-18 years old and are keen for people in that age range to stand too. More information can be found here

Nomination close Thur 14th Sept – with an election if enough people stand on 26th October.

Look forward to seeing you.

Election_Nomination_Pack Elections 2017


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