Kirknewton ‘Design Your Stone’ Winners

Kirknewton is hoping to have a Charles Jencks inspired artwork at the gateway to the village, using volcanic basalt stones donated by the Dalmahoy Estate near Kaimes.

The artwork, depicting order and chaos, will be a reminder of Ancient man, defence against battle axe wielding attackers, keeping the Romans at bay and the Iron Age fortress at Kaimes!

As part of the project, and to celebrate the year of History, Heritage and Archaeology, we asked the Primary School children to use their imagination and design their own stone. We received over 150 designs, all were fantastic and the children made it difficult for the judges to pick their winners.  The winners were announced by CEO Tony Foster at the Kirknewton Primary School assembly on Friday 19th May. You can see the winning designs and why we chose them below.

We also asked the Youth Club to decorate their own stone as part of a project at their overnight stay in Hillycow Wigwams.  Again, you can see their work below.

These projects are brought to you from Kirknewton Community Development Trust, from support from the Big Lottery Scotland.  Our funding continues until July 2018.


We love the colours and use of stones in Lucas design.


Again, a good use of colour with unusual aspects well represented in Amy’s design.


Payton did a great picture of a fortress – one of the best!


We love dinosaurs, and Ruairidhs was on of the best with fabulous colour.


Katie gave us a brilliant use of colour and glorious sunshine over the sea.


James gave us a good use of the theme order and chaos, using the volcanic hill in an imaginative way.


This design from Heather stood out with a celtic style motif.


Rebecca’s design captured kind words and community spirit of Kirknewton.

There was lots of things happening in Erin’s design and we liked the ‘Kirknewton Rocks’ catchphrase.  Great for the project!

Cameron gave us some of the best cartoon art on his stone design.


Nathan gave us the most colourful stone, making us hope the dream will become a reality.


Andrew’s design stood out due to unique design and use of one colour.


We really felt like Abby captured the volcano exploding in this picture.


Although the Development Trust support renewable energy and don’t agree with Williams ‘no wind mills’ message we felt having your say and being passionate about an issue was a good design idea.


The Youth Club also got the opportunity to paint and design stones at their overnight stay at Hillycow Wigwams.  Below captures the work they did.  Thanks to everyone who helped and contributed to this arts project.  Well done!



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