A Stone’s Progress with Kirknewton Kids


It was lovely to speak to the Kirknewton primary children this week about the proposed Charles Jencks artwork ‘Order and Chaos’ on the Camps Junction site to the east of the village.

We talked about volcanic rocks, the history around Kaimes Iron Age Fort and our ‘design your own stone’ project – the two best designs in each class winning a £10 book token.  We hope to exhibit as many of the designs as we can in the near future.

The stone can feature their own interests or the ‘order and chaos’ theme, volcanoes, views from Kaimes Hill, invading armies or whatever their imagination comes up with. The project will be done in class before the end of the week and more details about the proposed gateway to the village artwork can be found here

This week the Youth Club kids will be designing their own stone work at their trip at Hilly Cow Wigwam.

The work with the school children will help us secure up to £30,000 worth of funding and kicks off the Kirknewton celebration of History, Heritage and Archaeology 2017.

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