Transport Police review their parking near Kirknewton rail barriers

Confirmation from British Transport Police that they have managed to stop their officers from parking (Mostly camera vans) on the station entrance road–risking pedestrian and vehicle accidents, and potential crossing blockage when cars coming over the crossing cannot get into the station for cars coming out, and parked police vans.
Sergeant Ryan Tierney was very helpful in this–having picked the matter up after 2 years of neglect by others.
Simon Constable (not a policeman) of Network Rail has managed to do the same for Network Rail vehicles, (and dumped rails etc which have been a hazard to pedestrians on the way into the station).
Both NR and BTP have now agreed that parking there is causing an obstruction and avoidable risk.
Simon has previously arranged the replacement of some of the double yellow lines–and some no parking signs.
Ryan is looking into the state of and risks associated with, the lack of a footpath, –and the muddy puddle ridden route from the crossing to the platform,– and the extension of the double yellow lines back to the yard gates– where they used to be before the crossing ‘improvements’.
If in future you see  any vehicles (parked between the marked car parking spaces and the junction at the crossing) then please photograph (worth 1000 words) and report to
Network Rail vehicles– (incl contractors vehicles)
Transport Police–
Beware of cars parked on the left but facing out of the station with engines running–they have previously been intent on pursuing late ‘crossing crossers’ down the road–with exiting, oncoming traffic and pedestrians to contend with. This should also have stopped.
Thanks to Cllr Dave King, who pursued this via Police Scotland after the earlier lack of response from BTP.
Kenny Birch

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