Camps Junction land clean up latest

The stage 2 work–(much delayed by the bad weather over the winter–which prevented the screening of the frozen and waterlogged soil) has commenced on the land at Camps Junction. It was originally due to start in December or January.

Kirknewton line drawing Vector

Although still proceeding more slowly than expected, again due to the incessant rain making screening difficult and slow, over 40 % of the area has been completed in the last couple of weeks.

The samples taken of the previously ”contaminated” area with hydrocarbons (from fuelling plant) have been tested and found clear so the process recommended by the Institute of Occupational Medicine, of uncovering this material, and allowing the hydrocarbons to evaporate naturally, has been successful and at minimal cost.

No further unexpected or suspicious materials have been uncovered.

Around 40 tons of waste has been isolated for disposal, but due to the bad weather making the soil extremely cohesive, this is more than the most optimistic estimate, as the fines are not falling though the screen as well as would happen when the soil is dry.

Notwithstanding the various drawbacks and delays, the work is progressing comfortably within the lowest budget so far, and KCDT are not expecting to need to claim the maximum amount granted for the clean up.

Meantime Almond Housing are pursuing consultants to help with the feasibility study.  Again, this is slightly delayed due to consultants year end projects, but this will hopefully progress soon.  West Lothian Council are also being supportive of the project and are helping inform the policy aspects of the Rural Housing Grant application.  KCDT are expected to make an application for approximately £500,000.


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