Kirknewton Volunteer Awards 2017 – full report & pictures.

The Kirknewton Community Development Trust Awards took place on Friday 10th March 2017 at the Dalmahoy Hotel near Kirknewton.

Volunteer Awards145.jpg

Thanks to the Big Lottery Celebrate Fund (who also funded the free Christmas BBQ Burgers & the Kirknewton fireworks) and Virgin Media we were able to say a simple thank you to those who go above and beyond the call of duty to make Kirknewton a great place to live and work.

Volunteer Awards013

Everyone who was nominated received a certificate with awards, designed by Harmonies in Wood, given throughout the night.  We also gave prizes for a night out in the Dalmahoy, a lunch for 4 at the Dalmahoy and a Virgin Media Experience worth £150.  Although everyone was given a free raffle ticket we also raised £145 selling additional raffle tickets on the night as well as 10% of the bar sales, which came to £113.  Thank you for your donations to community projects.

Volunteer Awards105

Winners, your comments about those nominated and photographs of all the winners, taken by Lyndsey Roberton, below…


Amanda Blainey – Mini & Me Music Group

Volunteer Awards113

Despite being unwell during pregnancy Amanda ensured the Mini & Me Music Group ran every week.  Throughout everything she took three weeks off after the birth and returned to the weekly running of the group, including changing the day of the group to support many parents requirements.  Mini & Me Music Group brings families closer to their babies, provides foundations for babies and parents to build their life on and allows them to develop friendships with others who are in similar situations.

Volunteer Awards070

BUSINESS AWARD – Festival Stores

Volunteer Awards112

Councillor Carl John hands the award of Business of the Year to Ian Watt of Festival Stores.  This is in recognition of both the business and the support it gives to volunteer groups throughout the year.


Volunteer Awards072

My husband and I have two very young children and really struggle to join groups or exercise.  Michael invited us to bring our little ones to Box Circuits and then kept them entertained while we had a great time getting fit.  He is a huge asset and a wonderful teacher.  An unsung hero, down to earth and just one of the nicest guys I know.  All his classes are organised, progressive and fun for all.

Thanks to Virgin Media for sponsoring this award and the table wine on the night.


COMMITTEE OF THE YEAR- Kirknewton Toddler Group

Volunteer Awards109

Volunteer Awards077

Kirknewton Toddler group has been running for a long time supporting Mums, Dads and other carers with young children in the village and beyond.  I felt very isolated and was relatively new to Kirknewton and everyone was supportive, friendly and it was a great environment for children to socialise and learn through play.  This award goes to the committee past and present

Volunteer Awards046


Tammy Wood Brown – Art From The Heart

Volunteer Awards084

The group meet every fortnight and do some form of art, from painting to crafting.  Art from the Heart allows to speak freely and confidentially without any judgement and the improvement in mental health has been amazing.  All the members are supportive to each other and help through any difficult times.  There is always a warm, friendly atmosphere and plenty of hugs when required.

Tammy is always enthusiastic and eager to help people, she brings warmth and fun to the art group that she runs.  She always has a smile to brighten your day and always has an ear to listen to your woes.  The members of the art group appreciate the help they have received over the last year and find the group a very safe place to voice any issues and are always guaranteed a laugh by the end of the evening.

Volunteer Awards067


Rebecca Brien and Sarah Cockburn

Volunteer Awards083

Volunteer Awards023Sarah and Rebecca help in lots of places in the village, at youth group and big events like the fireworks and at Kosy Kaff for several years, even when undertaking their exams.  Without Rebecca and Sarah we couldn’t keep running Kosy Kaff

Runners Up

Volunteer Awards008

Hari Kallat & Ross Laing

Both have volunteered at LDBC.  Working with others who have either a physical or mental handicap can be difficult but both boys are full of enthusiasm and have helped players of a similar age achieve a better standard of better badminton and success in [ara badminton tournaments.

Volunteer Awards120

Luke Foster takes the stage to describe the impact work on the primary playground by the Parent Staff Association has had on him and his friends.

Volunteer Awards077

KCDT Special Award – Mike Nolan

Volunteer Awards026

I am nominating Mike Nolan for the years of volunteering he has done for Kirknewton Primary School initially as a member of the PSA Committee but primarily as the Chairperson of the PSA, a role he held for over 10 years.

Volunteer Awards021

He gave an enormous amount of time and persevered in the years when their were few people on the committee.  He was so hard working, faithful and dedicated in raising funds and organising events for the school.  He said what kept him going was the knowledge that the PSA were providing equipment, games, materials and fund events for the children which the school would otherwise have been unable to fund.  Not only did Mike volunteer for years with the PSA he also volunteers his time with the Scouts.  He deserves to be recognised as he is one of these gems who quietly work away without complaining and has the good of the community at heart.

Volunteer Awards044

Mike was given his award by KCDT Director Martin Hall.


The committee organises the Gala Day and the torchlight procession at Christmas time.  Always well organised and a great family outing.  I’m sure they put a lot of their own time and effort in, and it is much appreciated.  The Gala itself is a wonderful opportunity for the village to join together in friendship and co-operation to keep the community spirit alive!

Volunteer Awards034

Well done to the Gala.  However not only were the KCDT Fireworks robbed of the community event award but community spirit was alive and well with the host of the awards having things thrown at him by most of the Gala committee and others on the night!  Quite a bit of wine had been consumed we believe at this point of the evening!


Volunteer Awards086


Pip is involved in the Gala and Toddler group committee as well as running Friday Bookbugs.  This is on top of being a mum.  She is a very supportive fellow parent and as an ex health visitor gives great advice to toddler group parents and carers and is a fantastic listener.  She does a great deal for Kirknewton community through these three different groups and deserves some recognition for her efforts.  She could just sit back and enjoy these family events but instead she gets stuck in to help organise them.

Pip wasn’t there on the night, so her award was collected by Dominique Newman.  Previous Volunteer of the Year award winners were also in attendance including Nikki Thomson and Gill Greaves.

Volunteer Awards064

Volunteer Awards028Volunteer Awards030


Christina should receive the award for her voluntary work written local organisations including Church, Woman’s Institute and Hospice over 30 years or more. Christina has such a lovely yet strong personality and shows clearly her ability to lead.  An extremely popular lady, who can have people ‘laughing in the aisles’ full of exuberance, with the energy of a 50 year old.

Rev Dr Andre Groenewald gave a fantastic speech on the night and handed out the award to Christina, who received not only her award but a standing ovation on the night.

Volunteer Awards127Volunteer Awards054Volunteer Awards139Volunteer Awards051Volunteer Awards058

During the awards we presented Jennifer Ba with flowers for all her work with the Trust over the last three and a half years.  Sadly Jennifer is leaving us to go and work as a Development Worker for West Lothian Voluntary Sector Gateway.

Volunteer Awards060

Thanks to Isla Hall flowers for the flowers for Jennifer and on the tables during the night.  Thanks also to Marianne Markx for her help in organising the Awards guest list.

Volunteer Awards017

Volunteer Awards110

It is believed no covert Kirknewton Yarnbombing happened in the Dalmahoy on the night.  Hope you all had a great time and hopefully we’ll see you all again in 2019!

Volunteer Awards005

Volunteer Awards147







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