Still time to avoid Kirknewton being under airport flightpath?

Edinburgh Airport is in the second stage of a consultation on changes to its flight
paths. Based on the first stage consultation last year, they favour going ahead with
a flight path directly over East Calder and Kirknewton.  You can still have your view at
This raises serious concerns, as local residents who responded to the first stage
consultation made it clear they did not want the flight path over East Calder and
Kirknewton. The input from our area appears to have been ignored in the decision to push
the flight path here.
It is urgent that residents make their views known to Edinburgh Airport :
1) attend the drop in session at Kirknewton Village Hall with Edinburgh Airport on 4th March, booked between 2-7pm (final time to be confirmed)
2) visit and submit your views – the flight path you need to respond against of for is A6.  Residents in East Calder and Calderwood suggest A3 or A1/2 are better routes.
A invitation to the CE of the airport to attend a future community council meeting has been made, but as yet there has been no response.
Planes will be at 1500ft and climbing on full power when they overfly; the proximity of this
route to the airport means flights are lower than every other proposed flight path.
This route has been chosen by Edinburgh Airport based on lowest population density to be
affected by the overflying. However various factors call into question the quality of the
consultation and of the information provided to the local community:
• The population figures used for East Calder and Kirknewton are inaccurate and the
significant increase in population at Calderwood, which will be affected, has not
been taken into consideration.
• At a meeting with Edinburgh Airport in the Green Room last year in Kirknewton,
residents made it clear they did not want flight paths over Kirknewton. Edinburgh
Airport responded that there was no planned flight over Kirknewton.
• Several residents, including from East Calder, complained that there was already an
increase in noise and flights over and close to the area, following the ‘experimental’
paths used recently, but Edinburgh Airport denied any planes had flown over or
near (other than an ‘inclement weather’ route).  These complaints had been made by members of the community before being made aware of any airport consultation.
• During the consultation period last year the Edinburgh Airport website was not
showing Kirknewton postcode EH27 on the consultation pages. This may have put some
residents off from responding. Edinburgh Airport stated this was because EH27 was
not to be affected by any new routes.
• The report states that responses were received from only 33 of the 226 community
councils consulted. Kirknewton is not among the 33 listed, although Kirknewton did
submit a response – further indication that our feedback was ignored.
• There is no reference to impact on Kirknewton Airfield, and the private flying and
ATC training based there.


  1. The A6 flightpath impacts on Murieston as well. Letters were delivered here as well as Kirknewton. I’ve already responded.

  2. They have already changed some of the flight paths.I have been watching the descent for months from my bedroom window coming in over the Pentlands and over Edinburgh descending down in front of the red lights tower at night mostly around 9pm. Sometimes there have been 4 planes in the sky at the same time. Never saw one take off. But now no planes coming in all week and there are planes taking off now behind the red light tower going straight up and some turning to the west but mostly right over Edinburgh. Very disappointed not seeing the planes coming in now. I could see the lights and some were bigger and I saw red lights.  Margaret

  3. Judging by their table on section 9.1.3 of the consultation booklet the preferred option should be A3, as it represents no change from now across the board.

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