Gateway to Kirknewton Village update

Internationally known artist and architect Charles Jencks (see Charles Jencks website ) has shown an interest in helping Kirknewton develop a piece of public art for the gateway to our village.  You can find out more in this camps-junction-art-booklet or see the original booklet in the Green Room.

A number of funding applications are in, including a public art grant application to West Lothian Council, to help pay for this work to proceed and we hope to hear more by the end of the month.  Meantime we’d like to thank the Dalmahoy Estate for their generous donation of stones which were a major operation to get to site

Kirknewton Community Development Trust have now reached agreement with Almond Housing to help develop and inform our Rural Housing Grant application and planning application by the end of March. This will be done with a £10,000 feasibility grant from Rural Housing.

We will apply for approximately £500,000 from RHG and £140,000 from Leader funding to fund the build of 7 passive standard rental amenity homes for the elderly of Kirknewton.  We will continue to look for other funding sources but the remaining finance will probably come from a bank with rent paying off the mortgage over approximately 25 years.  It is expected the houses will be managed by Horizon, a responsible social landlord, on behalf of the Kirknewton community who own the land (currently worth £75,000) and will own the homes.  We hope to start work on an allocation policy with Horizon before then, with a possible waiting list or allocation arrangement before the homes are built.

The land has all but been cleared of the rubbish left by Strathclyde Homes with an anticipated final screening due to take place soon.  After tests last week there is now no evidence of any remaining diesel spillage.  Although we had just over £70,000 to undertake this work from West Lothian Council, at present, it looks like this work will be no more than £10-15,000.  So good news for the tax payer!

When completed we hope the art work and houses will be an improved view of the gateway to our village that we can all be proud of.  We have a number of hurdles before then and offers of help and support are always greatly received.


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  1. Would be so interested in housing for the elderly. Being all one level. I hsve difficulty with stairs, I have chair lift at moment but worry sbout the future , please keep me in mind and let me know progress and how I can apply …thsnk you , Helen Donnelly kitknewton

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