By Kirknewton, For Kirknewton (and visitors)


Below is a full list of services in the Village Hall and Green Room – run by the community for the community. Yes, you read that right, run and funded by members of the Kirknewton community! The community built and own the Green Room, the Village Hall is a Council owned building volunteers in the community manage. Many of the events are run by volunteers based in the community. Why not try something new and ‘Give It A Go’ in 2016!

The Village Hall refurbishment (funded by the Council) is nearly complete. The Green Room is about to celebrate its 2nd birthday! Got an idea or want to book an event in either building? Call 01506 883988, Gill Greaves on 07816 880175 or e mail

Want to volunteer? Start by filling out the Skills and Volunteer survey by end of January – if you are new to the community volunteering is a great way to meet people too! You can also support us by joining Kirknewton Community Development Trust as a member – it’s free and you can get a membership form in the shop, at the back of the latest Kirknewton News or online at…/0000/0137/MembershipForm.pdf

Here’s the full list of services provided in the Village Hall and Green Room
Second hand books, DVDs, CDs & E Readers
Councillor & MSP surgeries
Access to Employment
Community Centre
Public access laptops / ipads / wifi / printing / laminating facilities
Laptop and computer advice, upgrades, virus check and repairs – starts 22 Jan
Free ‘hot desk’ space
Training facilities
Meeting space and volunteer hub
Youth Work, Club and sports activities
Benefits advice
Highland Dancing
Kids crafts, hip hop, dance, music & cafe
Rainbows and Brownies
Lifeskills coaching for kids
Tea, coffee & place to meet & chat
Art therapy
Movie showings and X box games
Events and kids party bookings
PLUS coming soon – sports changing facilities
& don’t forget there are plenty of events, clubs and groups who meet in the Church Hall & Potter Around too!
More details at…/whats-on-in-kirknewton-…/

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