Are you 60 or over and living in Kirknewton. We need you!

Are you 60 or over?  If you have a neighbour who may not see this message can you let them know.  On Wed 16 July from 9am til 5pm in the Green Room Kirknewton Community Development Trust would like to invite you all for a FREE cuppa to fill out an Older People Housing Needs Survey.  This is to assess if there is a need for a small number of affordable rented housing in Kirknewton.  The survey is entirely confidential, is posted away free post and will be assessed by Rural Housing Scotland on our behalf.  Please come along if you can.

One comment

  1. Hello

    My husband and I are out of the country at present and will be until 30th of September,.

    We are both over 60 living in a three bedroom house that is too big for us and would like to move to a smaller house.

    Would we could be allowed to complete the survey electronically or nominate someone to complete it on our behalf, I fully understand the ramifications of this for misuse however this is something that we are truly interested in and require. I have included our address for verification of residence in Kirknewton.

    Kind Regards

    Robina and Thomas Robb
    11 Kaimes Avenue

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