Volunteer for the new Kirknewton building, built by the community for the community

Hi all,

We at the Kirknewton Community Development Trust are getting very excited because we will be opening the doors of the new building on the Kirknewton Main Street on Tuesday the 4th of February.

I am currently looking for keen volunteers who would be able to:

•Offer a few hours of their time during the week to provide a friendly face, and warm welcome to members of the community who would drop-in to use the Centre. Perhaps by making a cup of tea, keeping the place clean, helping community members to log onto the wifi, borrow laptops, tablets, e readers or assist them with printing. There will also be ‘old fashioned’ newspapers and board games! Ideally we would like to be open during the day and the evening so I am hopeful that we can find times that fit around existing commitments.

•We are also launching a Youth Club for young people of secondary school age from Friday the 7th of February 6pm-8pm. This will be a weekly group promoting fun and engaging activities for the young people of the village. I am looking for volunteer youth workers who enjoy working with teenagers, and creating engaging groupwork.

If you have a skill or interest which you would like to share with others, I would love to hear from you. We are so grateful to the various community members who have already offered to run workshops or information sessions next year. I understand everyone is busy so feel free to get in contact even if you have limited availability

If you are interested in volunteering please send me an email:
jenniferkirknewton@gmail.com and we can arrange a meet up in the new few weeks

Jennifer Ba
Youth and Volunteer Co-ordinator

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