What on earth is that building in the Main Street for?

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So – what on earth are the Kirknewton Community Development Trust building in the Main Street?

Following the Kirknewton Community Consulation in 2011 many of you asked for new facilities in the village.  The KCDT were fortunate enough to bid for and get over £110,000 from Leader to do just that.  This project is part financed by the Scottish Government and the European Community West Lothian Leader 2008 – 2013 programme. This will be a truly community owned build.  We won’t have to pay over £400 a month to West Lothian Council for the building.  It won’t leak heat like the current office being used.

The Resource Centre (the current working title) incorporates and demonstrates renewable technology and will be an example of a low carbon building. For example there will be solar panels on the roof that will help heat the building. As well as being a base for the Trust to implement the Development Plan it will be used as a community meeting and training space and activities will include information about our community, exhibitions, support services, finance and job advice, business advice, energy advice, volunteering opportunities, group and youth activities. For example Community Council meetings will take place in the new Centre allowing freeing up all Tuesdays in the Village Hall for more activity based clubs.

Jim Keith is currently on site and the build should be complete in late August – we hope to be able to fully use the building before the end of the year.

The Trust would like to thank everyone for their patience and support during a long planning process which involved over £7,500 worth of volunteer hours! We’d particularly like to thank everyone who has arranged or participated in activities during the I Love Kirknewton Fundraising Campaign. Thanks to your efforts we have been able to donate £2000 to youth groups in the community and contributed £1000 so far to the extra £20,000+ costs we incurred for the roof during the planning application process.

If you have any questions about the build you can ask the Trust at our stall during the Kirknewton Gala on 15th June or e mail infokirknewton@gmail.com. Bookings will be arranged by the team who run the Village Hall (the Kirknewton Community Association is now a sub committee of the Development Trust) and both venues can be booked from the Resource Centre.

The building will be opened every day, hours to be decided, up to 9pm. We are looking for volunteers to cover the hours of opening, welcome guests, provide information etc. If you are interested in volunteering even a couple of hours a week or more please let us know at infokirknewton@gmail.com or at Gala day.

This is your building – we hope it will be a welcome asset to the community over the coming years.


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