£150 donation to the I Love Kirknewton Fundraising Challenge

BIG thank you to John and Alison Cunningham for their £150 donation (£181.52 when gift aided) to the ‘I Love Kirknewton’ Fundraising Challenge.  They are looking forward to the Resource Centre being built and are our first major community sponsor who will get their name on the commemorative opening sign inside and be invited to the opening event.  We are taking individual donations of £100 or £150 for a couple, £250 for a business.  You can also donate at https://www.charitygiving.co.uk/donate/donate_b.asp?charityid=6957


Winners of the Kirknewton Volunteering Awards 2012

The Kirknewton Volunteering Award winners for 2012 are below, with some of the lovely comments from those who nominated them…

Volunteer of the Year

Gill Greaves – work with the Brownies/Rainbows

Gill has been running the Kirknewton Rainbow Unit for the last 6 years. Over this period the Rainbow unit has thrived with a range of activities undertaken each week. The unit is now the envy of other Rainbow units in west lothian. In addition, following the retirement of the leader of the Kirknewton Brownie unit at the end of last year, Gill has stepped in to run this unit also, until a new leader can be trained up. This duel role involved a great deal of commitment in addition to organising;planning; preparing for each unit ensuring that the activities are both meaningful, educational and practical for both age groups.

Gill had run the Rainbow Unit for nearly 7 years. She also stepped in to temporarily run the Brownies when there was a chance it would close. She puts in so much time and effort to make sure the girls have a great time each week. Gill also looks after the hall.

Young Volunteer

Kieran Porteous – work on the cycle/walking multipath

Kieran is in S4 at Balerno, but enthusiastic about getting his mates together to help build bike paths in Selm Muir. We could do with more like him

Lifetime Achievement

Kath Woodbridge and Heather Walkingshaw – for Brownies

Kath and heather have been valued members of this village and have been active in keeping the kirknewton brownie pack going for many years also ran playgroup for many years

Community Group of the Year

Kosy Kafe

The work they do on a Friday after school and the kids love Kozy Cafe

Committee Member of the Year

Mike Nolan – for work on PSA

Mike has chaired the PSA for a number of years. Behind the scenes in a very quiet unassuming way he works tirelessly for the benefit of the pupils at Kirknewton Primary.

The PSA tirelessly raise money to benefit the pupils at Kirknewton. Last session they held a very successful ceilidh and spring fair – the children have benefitted from new resources eg flip cameras, water trays, and subsidised school excursions.

Community Event of the Year


It was felt this event captured comments made about Angharrad Storrie and Karen Davidson

The Jubilee Celebration Event in June in without a doubt one of the best support events Kirknewton has had in a long time.  Angharad only had 3 months to organise the event and this was done brilliantly.  The comments received during & after the event were second to none.  Well done Angharad for a fantastic event to get the whole community talking and together!!

Angharad is an extremely dedicated, committed and active volunteer for Kirknewton Playgroup, in addition to having been the Secretary for Kirknewton Baby & Toddler Group in 2011/2012, and volunteering to help out at village events such as the Gala. The majority of her volunteering has centered around Kirknewton playgroup which she has been Secretary for during 2011/2012, and more recently she has become Chairperson and Acting Secretary (until the post can be filled). In these roles she has worked tirelessly to raise the profile of the Playgroup; host regular meetings in her home; help manage staff and ensure their welfare; attend Council and KCA meetings as Playgroup representative; carry out all non-financial administrative duties (such as parent helper rotas, monthly newsletters, meeting minutes, hosting the AGM etc); updating and upholding the applicable policies, guidelines & procedures; meeting with Care Commission/Inspectorate staff and facilitating suggested improvements; organising and running fundraising activities; and numerous other ad hoc jobs that have arisen in order to ensure the Playgroup remains open and running at it’s best. The Playgroup has been through a very difficult time over the last year and came close to closing for finiancial reasons. Angharad’s dedication and passion to keeping this service going for the local community has had a huge bearing on the fact the Playgroup is back on it’s feet and still welcoming local children into a safe, caring, friendly, nurturing environment. Additionally, Angharad is a genuinely warm, caring person and thoughtful person who doesn’t think twice about going out of her way or going the extra mile for a good cause and for this she deserves a special thank you. She is a genuine star!

During the first half of 2011, unfortunately the finances of Kirknewton Playgroup left them in a situation where it seemed the Playgroup would have to close due to lack of funds. Karen Davidson offered to step in as the Playgroup’s new Treasurer at this point and spent an unthinkable number of hours sifting through the financial situation she had inherited. Through a combination of sheer determination, her knowledge of financial matters, and unflinching committment to the cause she has managed to sort things out over the last year to the point where the Playgroup is now back on an even keel and fully functional. Her knowledge and understanding of the legal requirements and issues surrounding the quite complex financial matters she has to deal with, and the unenviable position of deficit and chaos which she had to start from have been invaluable. Despite a situation which at times seemed utterly hopeless, she has persevered and without her grit and determination the Playgroup would simply not have survived, let alone started to flourish again. In addition to her role as Treasurer, Karen has selflessly taken on additional duites which further underline her committment and passion for the Playgroup. These include attending complicated local Council meetings to discuss the future of West Lothian’s Playgroups (which are moving towards a new central Management Model), undertaking risk assessments, completing action plans, managing staff, carrying out appraisals, and ensuring their welfare, helping organise and participating in essential ongoing fundraising activities, applying for grants, ensuring policies, guidelines and procedures are up to date and upheld, and many other Playgroup-related jobs that present themselves which would not immediately fall under her role as Treasurer. Despite being thrown in at the deep end, she has proven herself to be thorough, dependable, honest, reliable, organised and highly competent. The Playgroup owe her an enormous debt of gratitude and are incredibly fortunate she volunteered to step in when she did with the skills she has. Despite now having no children attending Playgroup as they have moved on to Pre-School Nursery, her passion for the Playgroup has thankfully meant she hasncommitted to (and been re-elected to) continue in the role of Treasurer as no-one else is prepared or available at present to take over this somewhat daunting and complex task. Without Karen this well-loved service would not have survived to serve the local community. I believe she deserves a special thank you for this.

Business of the Year

Festival Stores

Lifeline to village and always happy to help out at community events

Potter Around

Potter Around is a creative and  inclusive enterprise that caters for all age groups from birth. I believe it has put Kirknewton on the ‘Map’ of Scotland. Staff & Volunterrs are very warm & welcoming & offer a wide variety of Arts & Crafts & provide an excellent Resource to the immediate & wider community where individuals can develop their skills & discover hidden talents. Staff & volunteers are very patient supportive  & mindful and go the extra mile in raisng a smile!

Arts Volunteer of the Year

Ross Blair – for work on Art Shelter in Park

For the dedication shown in following the process through in successfully restoring the Kirknewton Park Shelter and encouraging the ongoing arts project inside the shelter.

Ross’s artistic contribution to the village is clear for all to see and enjoy. Most recently his vision, talent and committment have seen the previous eyesore of a park shelter be transformed into a work of art for all to enjoy. His foresight in involving local young people to contribute ideas and artwork themselves to the shelter was such a great idea, both in terms of engaging these youngsters, and hopefully encouraging them to take pride in the finished product, especially as they are the age group most likely to frequently use the park shelter. In addition, the mural Ross completed last year on the side of Kirknewton Primary School Nursery has brightened up the day for countless parents and children passing through the playground. It also provides a lovely conversation piece for those of us bringing pre-school children to and from Nursery each day. My children love it (as I’m sure many others do) and enjoy identifying the local landmarks, animals and characters depicted. Again, I understand Ross used ideas and suggestions from local children to design his mural, making it even more relevant and engaging to them. A fantastic local talent and a great artistic asset to the village.

Sports Volunteer

Rod Cameron – for hockey at the Primary School

Carol Swanson – for hockey at the Primary School

Both have provided after school hockey for upper school pupils for many years, developing skills, abilities and team work – one of the few school in West Lothian with this provision.

Special Award

The Allotment Association

Committee worked hard to secure a site and negotiate entry.Has fully engaged with wider community becoming involved in gala, spring fair and running its own events-Apple day

The Fundraisers of the Year

Gala Committee

The Gala is one of the longer running events though that (despite the rain doing it’s best to thwart) never fails to give the village a fantastic day out to look forward to. Also, the hardworking and dedicated Gala Committee work tirelessly to improve the event year on year. This year there was an even wider range of activities for all ages with pony rides, a miniature steam train, bouncy castles and inflatable fun for all ages, entertainers, face painting, a fire engine, fancy dress competitions, races, 5-a-side- football tournament, tug of war, music, dancing, the WRI tea tent and various food options .  I think it is testament to how well-loved this event is that villagers are happy to come and enjoy and support it regardless of what the weather throws at us on the day! The Gala Committee do a fantastic job putting this event on for the village and deserve recognition for this as it is an annual event appreciated and enjoyed by the majority of the community. Huge well done!

Active Citizen Award

Ailsa Meldum – for work on developing the play park


We received £171.60 towards the ‘I Love kirknewton’ Fundraising Challenge from donations – thanks.  Thanks also to EFRG for their support, Charles Wellwood & the Stables for the location, Mark Scott for the photography, Ambience for the table cloths, Isla Hall for the flowers, Karen at Potter Around for the awards, Ross Blair & Media Control for the AV equipment, Hedgerow for the fresh bread, Festival Stores for additional wine, Pinkertons for the crockery & glasses, those who gave out awards including Angela Constance & Carl John, those who helped on the night and at the end, Anne Pinkerton and Stewart McKenna for preparing a wonderful supper and for all those who could make it and made it an enjoyable night.  Go Team Kirknewton!

Kirknewton – all the latest news and gossip…

Kirknewton gossip – we’ve got it….

Big thanks to 10.11.12 volunteers

Big thank you to Duncan McCool and the volunteers who joined the Forestry Commission to begin creating a cycle/walking multipath around Selm Muir Wood. You can see some of there work at http://www.facebook.com/#!/media/set/?set=a.10152251681270153.930881.542500152&type=1

Resource Centre begins tender process

The Kirknewton Community Development Trust (KCDT) are currently tendering for the work on the Resource Centre at the Old Gospel Hall site.  It is hoped a contractor will be employed before 20th December with a January to March 2013 build.

New Neighbourhood Watch begins

Do you want to help with speeding, dog fouling or anti social behaviour in the village? Then join the new all Kirknewton Neighbourhood Watch scheme here.    This is an all village scheme to help make your community safer.  All you have to do is register your details on the site and, when prompted, join Kirknewton Watch.  You will be able to contact the police about anti social activity, dog fouling, speeding etc. through the system and find out more about incidents in your area.  Expect wheelie bin stickers promoting the scheme very shortly.  The local community police team would like to see as many people sign up for this in Kirknewton as they can.  So please join in today!

Kirknewton Football Team

Football training for P4 to S4 has kicked off at Kirknewton Park every Saturday from 10am til 12 noon.  The first session is free then £2 every week. Numbers are growing but we need another 10 kids to keep it going.  If you are interested in your child joining the football team and getting regular exercise then please support this new youth initiative.

Future Funding

The KCDT are making bids to the lottery and a number of other funders for the cycle/walking multipath route, the Resource Centre and youth projects in the village.  We still need your help to provide match funding so please join in with the ‘I Love Kirknewton’ Fundraising Challenge – tell us your ideas by 12.12.12 at http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/kirkfundraising . If you are looking for inspiration an A to z of Fundraising Ideas can be found here

Kirknewton Community Volunteer Awards

Over 60 individual awards were received for the first Kirknewton Community Volunteer Awards.  60 invited guests, based on those nominated and suggested by community groups, will be treated to a slap up supper on Thursday 22nd November at the Stables as a thank you for the work they do in the community.  Nominations for the awards can be found here

Fauch Hill Wind Farm

EFRG, the developers of the Fauch Hill wind farm, have now gone to public enquiry.  The KCDT continues to support their application which will bring £99,500 a year of community benefit to Kirknewton and the offer of investment in a wind turbine at the site.  It is expected a decision will be known on the application by August next year.

Kirknewton Events

Thanks to everyone who came to the Kirknewton Apple Day at the end of October.  The Allotment Association raised approx £200 for their funds.

The annual Family Ceilidh is on 16th November, at the Stables from 7pm and tickets are available from the school.

The Kirknewton Christmas Festival takes place from 30 November to 25th December.  Highlights this year include the lighting of Christmas Tree Procession, choir & refreshements on 2 Dec and the Family Christmas Craft and Food Fair on 9 Dec with special guest Father Christmas.  Carol Singing Torchlight Procession, Mince Pies and Watchnight Service are on the 24 Dec.  Full listings can be found here

Donate to the ‘I Love Kirknewton’ Fundraising Challenge

To find out all you need to know about joining ‘Team KN’ and donating to the ‘I Love Kirknewton’ Fundraising Challenge go to https://kirknewton.wordpress.com/2012/10/24/be-part-of-team-kn-in-the-i-love-kirknewton-fundraising-challenge/

Thanks to everyone who has contributed cash, ideas and support so far – please tell us what you would like to do for the challenge by 12.12.12 at http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/kirkfundraising or e mail infokirknewton@gmail.com

If you have any questions on any of the items above please contact Tony Foster on 01506 883988

Kirknewton Christmas Festival 2012

The second Kirknewton Christmas Festival is nearly upon us – this year the glow sticks during the procession and the lighting of the Christmas Tree are free thanks to the Gala Committee. The new Kirknewton Choir will be performing for the first time at the tree and during the Christmas Family Craft and Food Fair. We also hope some of you will be getting your thinking caps on and do some sponsored events, such as the West Lothian Santa Run, for the ‘I Love Kirknewton’ Fundraising Challenge.  Hope you have a great time!

Kirknewton Community Development Trust would like to thank all the community groups and organisations  involved with the  Kirknewton Christmas Festival, 30 Nov – 25 Dec 2012

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

What’s On

Fri 30 Nov, 10.30am – 12.30pm – School Christmas Fair, School Hall

Fri 30 Nov, 1.30-3pm – Kid’s Club make fruity lip balm for you or for pressies, £10, Potter Around

Sun 2 Dec, 1.30pm – West Lothian Santa Fun Run


Raise funds for Kirknewton this year at the West Lothian Santa Fun Run. Further details below and set up your fundraising page at https://www.charitygiving.co.uk/fundraising/newpage.asp?charitylink=6957

Sun 2 Dec, 4.30pm – Lighting of Kirknewton Village Christmas Tree

Meeting from 4.30pm in the school playground for 4.45pm departure – torch lit procession along to tree at Park Terrace.

For the first time this year the Kirknewton Choir will perform at the tree.

Following ‘switch on’ festive refreshments will be served in the village hall.

Glowsticks will be distributed free of charge.  Donations please for the ‘I Love Kirknewton’ Fundraising Challenge

Mon 3 Dec,7pm – School Christmas Carol Concert, Kirknewton Church

Tue 4 Dec, 7-9pm – Christmas Glass Wall hangings or coasters with Nancy, £35, Potter Around

Learn the techniques of fused glass and make a gorgeous wall hanging or some coasters – perfect for your home or Christmas gift

Thur 6 Dec, 7 – 9pm, Christmas Table Decorations with ‘Flowers By Isla’, £40, Potter Around

Learn how to make beautiful floral Christmas creations to grace your table

Fri 7th Dec, 1.30 – 3pm – Make Mum some Christmas Jewellery, £10

Sun 9 Dec, 12 til 3pm – Kirknewton Family Christmas Craft and Food Fair Potter Around, Free entry.

Craft stalls, Christmas decorations, BBQ, home baking, tea, coffee, mulled wine, carol singing, Santa’s grotto and special Christmas surprises.  Funds raised for various Kirknewton projects.

 Mon 10Dec, 7pm – Scouts Christmas Service at East Calder Church

Tues 11 Dec, 7-9pm – Candle Making with Nikki of Lavender’s Green, £25, Potter Around

Infuse your house with the scent of Christmas by making your own festive candles – or make them as a gift

Wed 12 Dec, 2.30pm – P1 Nativity*

12.12.12 – Join ‘Team KN’ and do something TODAY or around this date for the ‘I Love Kirknewton’ Fundraising Challenge for youth, cycle and community hall projects.

Thur 13 Dec, 9.30am – P1 Nativity *

1.30pm – P4-P7 Panto*

Fri 14 Dec, 9.30am – P4-P7 Panto*

Fri 14 Dec, 1.30-3pm, Kids Club Painting Christmas Robin Baubles, £10, Potter Around

Fri 14Dec, 7pm – Boys Brigade Christmas Service at East Calder Church

Sun 16 Dec, 11.15am – Christmas Nativity Family Service at East Calder Church

Mon 17 Dec, 1.15pm – P1 & P2 Christmas Party*

Tues 18 Dec – Nursery Nativities am and pm*

1.15pm – P3 & P4 Christmas Party*

Wed 19 Dec – 1.15pm, P5, 6 & 7 Christmas Party*

Thur 20 Dec – Nursery Party pm group*

Fri 21 Dec – Nursery Party pm group*

Fri 21 Dec, 1.30 – 3pm – Kid’s Club Christmas on Canvas, £10, at Potter Around

Mon 24 Dec, 7pm – Family Service at East Calder Church

Mon 24 Dec, 10pm – Carol Singing Torchlight Procession(followed by mince pies and hot chocolate at 11.10pm)

Starting from Meadowbank Road, at the Roundabout from about 9.45pm (to leave at 10pm)

Mon 24 Dec,11.30pm – Watchnight Service in Kirknewton Church

* school events – limited access to pupils and family

10.11.12 is nearly here – multipath clearing project

Hi Folks,
10.11.12 is nearly upon us.
Please find information sheet (hopefully) covering all aspects of the Selm Muir Wood Path Clearing Day (for the cycle/walking multipath) this Saturday 10.11.12.
Please can you confirm which session 10:30am-12:30pm and/or 1-3pm you are planning to attend and how many people you are bringing (and age of children).

Duncan McCools e mail is dmccool111@gmail.com.
This is to allow us to plan the activities for the day.
Feel free to join us for both.
The plan is:
1. To dig out and clear the two ditches near the Leyden Road Entrance  which are constantly blocking and install pipes to improve drainage.   2. Clear the overgrown existing path of trees, bushes and fallen tree offcuts and install another pipe at the beginning of the path.
3. Clear an area which has been badly affected by litter.
Thanks again for your continued support – let me know as soon as you can when and how many will be attending on 10.11.12!
Remember, to help fund the continued development of this project and the off road route from the village please join ‘Team KN’ and do something for the ‘I Love Kirknewton’ Fundraising Challenge.
Fingers crossed for a dry day!