Join the new Kirknewton Neighbourhood Watch scheme

Join the community Neighbourhood Watch scheme!  This is an all village scheme to help make your community safer.  All you have to do is register your details on the site below and, when prompted, join Kirknewton Watch.  You will be able to contact the police about anti social activity, dog fouling, speeding etc. through the system and find out more about incidents in your area.  Expect wheelie bin stickers promoting the scheme very shortly.  The local community police team would like to see as many people sign up for this in Kirknewton as they can.


  1. Registered, but my religious affiliation and sexual orientation is none of their business. Some of the options at the end of registration are confusing.

  2. Hi John. You don’t need to tell them though. It may be useful in some communities to provide that information, which is why it is there (I assume). I agree about the confusion at the end and will pass that on.

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