Christmas is coming…shop for Kirknewton!

Over the next two weeks Kirknewton Community Development Trust will be launching a series of fundraising initiatives to help support activity in our community – and we will be asking for your help.

This was inspired by the community of Biggar (a similar size community to Kirknewton) who raised nearly £500,000 in six months using a series of fundraising activities suggested and supported by their community as well as a number of other initiatives we heard about from other Community Trusts across Scotland.

By August 2013 we hope to raise at least £100,000 – maybe more?

Why are we doing this?  Well, we hope to have a sustainable income stream for Kirknewton projects from renewable energy investments but they are a few years away yet.  To bridge the gap we are applying to the Big Lottery for additional funding for the next five years.  However it was felt taking ownership and encouraging the development of Kirknewton by raising funds together for the benefit of our community was a good idea.

Some fundraising ideas are a little easier to do than others.

Christmas is coming and if you shop online you can help raise funds every time you shop with over 2000 retailers like M&S, Amazon, Argos and more.  It’s free and you get money saving voucers too!  Sign up in September for Kirknewton Community Development Trust and you could win a Samsung Series 5 Laptop worth over £750.

Donations will go towards the Kirknewton Development Plan including the new cyclepath/multipath we hope to build from just outside the school to and around Selm Muir Wood and other youth based activities/spaces in the community.  So please join the link below and shop and search online for Kirknewton.

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