Multipaths and cycling routes latest

Well since going “public” with the Selm Muir Multipath Proposal  on the 3rd of April I thought it best to provide an update of what’s been going on as the summer holidays now seem like a distant memory:

– it is evident that the website photos unintentionally misled people in to thinking the proposal was to turn Selm Muir in to a Cycle Park. It is understandable how these conclusions were drawn. This is not the intention of the proposal and any development, in conjunction with The Forestry Commission and the council, will be under the “Multi-user” bracket. The group is not ruling out the proposal of a cycle specific and a child friendly cycle trail in the future.

– through the Kirknewton Development Trust I offered to meet and discuss with some of the people who had raised concerns on the proposal. After calling one and meeting with another initial feedback was that they were supportive of the proposal going forward as long as their concerns were taken in to consideration. People have also contacted the Forestry Commission directly and some of their concerns had been addressed. As mentioned earlier, concerns had been mainly that the project was turning Selm Muir in to a “Cycle Park” although dog/horse fouling, car parking, litter, how the wildlife and vegetation would be affected and how all users would interact on the paths were also raised. There are people who have commented on the website that are still to be contacted.

– all the feedback on the website had contained pertinent points that have been noted and will be raised further down the consultation process.

– we are waiting to hear back from the Forestry Commission with regards to organising a meeting to discuss the proposals further focussing on the short term and long term objectives of the project.

– I have also met with landowners who have shown support for an Off Road Path from Kirknewton village up to Selm Muir. It has agreed that a route over land between Potter Around and Selm Muir entrance at Leyden road may be possible. More details will follow.

Being a community led proposal it is very important that everyone gets their chance to comment or be involved – we have tried from the beginning to be inclusive and not exclusive. As the proposal progresses we will try our best to keep people informed with any developments.

Anyone wishing to be kept informed can email and I will try my best to keep you up to date. Alternatively, people can get in touch with the Development Trust or Forestry Commission.

A big thanks to those who have been involved so far and also to those who have taken the time to comment on the website proposal.



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