Multipath (cycling/walking) route update

For background on this update check this link

Well since going “public” with the Selm Muir Multipath Proposal  on the 3rd of April I thought it best to give you all a wee update of what’s been going on before we all head off for our summer holidays:

– through the Kirknewton Development Trust I offered to meet and discuss with most of the people who had raised concerns on the proposal. After calling one and meeting with another initial feedback was that they were supportive of the proposal going forward as long as their concerns were taken in to consideration. People had also contacted the Forestry Commission directly and some of their concerns had been addressed.

– some of the feedback on the website had contained some pertinent points that have been noted and will be raised further down the consultation.

– I met with the landowner Robin Miller and discussed our off road route proposal. He was supportive of the idea but unable to assist with the route on his land at this time.

– We are waiting to hear back from the Forestry Commission with regards to organising a meeting to discuss the proposals further focussing on the short term and long term objectives of the project.

– I met with Charles Wellwood who has shown support for the Off Road route. He still has to consult with his son and shepherd but has agreed that a route over his land past Potter Around, up the old drovers road and across to Leyden Road just up from the bridge on the west side of Selm Muir may be possible.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated and if anyone is about over summer and would like to meet up please let me know and we could try and arrange something.

Duncan McCool

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