Kirknewton opinion not represented in Fauch Hill vote

The Community Council and Development Trust of Kirknewton have today expressed disappointment at West Lothian Council’s Executive vote to not support the Fauch Hill Wind Farm Development at West Colzium and Crosswoodburn, despite Kirknewton announcing support after their independent public consultation showed over 60% support for the development.  A similar consultation in West Calder and Harburn showed 58% support.

Hugh Hunter Gordon, Chair of the Community Council said today, “I would have preferred for the whole council to have been able to discuss the application, considering the minority status of the current administration.  If this development does go to public enquiry I hope it will get the due consideration it deserves in terms of the local and national policy on renewable energy, the landscape of the Pentland Park and the support given by the Kirknewton community.”


Stewart McKenna, Chair of the Kirknewton Development Trust, added, “I am disappointed that the firmly expressed views of our community seem to count for nothing in relationship to significant planning matters that are within our community boundary. It is only hoped that the Scottish Government will take greater cognisance of our work in helping to express the wishes of this community.

We approached West Lothian planners as a community seeking to have access to wind-energy some six years ago, looking for an outlet for the investment that this community seeks to establish becoming a more sustainable entity.

We want a local authority to work with, not one that we constantly have to fight over issues where a community seeks to better itself.

The question we must ask ourselves is “Who’s community is it, and who governs us with any insight into the wishes and aspirations of its populace? “

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