Speeding in Kirknewton?

Volunteer Mel Rose, with support from the Development Trust, has gathered 200 signatures asking for a safer, slower Kirknewton.  The problem of speeding traffic in and around the village was highlighted in the Community Consultation in February last year.
Over the last six  months we have gathered the following information.  The figures of cars going over the level crossing in one day, as recorded by Network Rail in 2011 and 2010, seems to have increased by 1000 cars a day..  July 23rd 2011 – 4563 vehicles, 2010 – 3527 vehicles / 95 trains.
First Bus tell us the average speed of their buses in the village is 21mph.
The results of the speed data collected by Lothians and Borders police between 3rd and 9th November 2011 from Main Street to the Hillhouse Wynd junction (so this is traffic just leaving the village) is now available.
There were 45 motorcycles with an average speed of 25mph.  85% were going at 39mph or below.
There were 4963 cars with an average speed of 32mph.  85% were going at 39mph or below. (in both cases that means 15% were going above 39mph).
220 trucks (including buses) were going at an average speed of 26mph.  85% were going at 31mph or below.
4 long trucks were doing an average speed of 19mph.  85%  were doing 21mph or below.
In the immediate vicinity there have been 5 collisions.  2 included minor injuries. 3 were damage only collisions.
Analysis of the data indicates this area DOES NOT qualify for priority enforcement.  However it is ‘just under’ the required criteria.  Road Policing Branch in our area will be asked to give this location attention subject to other duties.
As part of tthe Kirknewton Development Plan the above information will be submitted to the Community Council on Tuesday 8th May at 6.45pm in the Village Hall.  It was suggested (briefly) at a previous Council that a 20mph zone be looked at for the whole of the village.  The traffic calming that has been suggested by West Lothian Council for the area being investigated at our request (outside Kaimes, Meadowbank and Hillhouse Wynd) would have to be speed bumps from the end of the village to the garage in the centre of the village (if this was seen to be a priority, which currently it is not).
With all the facts presented, we are currently asking people what they think on the facebook group/blog/websitevwhich we will add to the report for the Community Council on Tuesday.
We will keep you posted on an further developments.

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